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Dec 9, 2009 08:31 AM

Restaurants similar to Wink, Aquarelle, and Restaurant Jezebel

I'm looking for restaurants in the downtown Austin area which are similar to these restaurants. I would like an intimate setting with excellent food! Any advice would be great! Thanks!

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  1. if you are including food and atmosphere i would say Paggi House, Olivia, Jeffrey's and Green Pastures come to mind.

    1. I really like Parkside, but it may not fit the "intimate setting" category.

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        But you'll get some really delicious, inspired food. If you go tonight (Wed), you can take advantage of 1/2 price oysters and bubbly - one of my favorite deals in town.

      2. Those three are really different.

        You want a house, like Aquarelle? East Side Cafe comes immediately to mind.

        You want hip, like Wink? Uchi comes to mind -- Austin doesn't have a hipper or more amply lauded spot in any category. (Olivia's space shares the same designer.)

        You want complex-contemporary like Jezebel? Castle Hill (similar but inferior) has closed! Wink would be my next suggestion for this style of food. Parkside is better but (IMHO) simpler.

        You want French like Aquarelle? Chez Nous and Justine's are my picks. Both are earthier and more humble. Not meant as a dig against the 'relle -- I love their food.

        Curse me for a fool, I didn't read completely. Needs to be downtown... Parkside, Chez Nous, and I would have said Crimson except they closed and became Starlite's new location (which also would have met that criteria, though not quite as well), which closed and is now some crazy upscale hotdog place.

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          I've been loving Chez Nous and Green Pastures for 20 years! (Green Pastures is not too far away from downtown)