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Dec 9, 2009 08:24 AM

Feasibility of day trip to Sedona from Px for Lunch / suggestions?

My wife and I are taking a quick two day trip to Px from San Diego to visit some resorts and dine at a couple of the area's fine restaurants. I've already done my Chowhound research and our dinners will be at T Cook's and Kai. We're staying at the Royal Palms Resort.

We will have one entire day open and my question is whether it would be feasible to drive up to Sedona for Lunch either there or along the way? And if so, suggestions for a Lunch spot would be appreciated. We'd be looking for a place that's warm and inviting, a little to a lot upscale, any kind of food.

Never been to Sedona, know only that's its elevated and was wondering about passability of the roads and time to drive to and fro from Phoenix. Thanks.

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  1. Sedona is only about a 2-hour drive from the Phoenix metro area, so unless you like to sleep in late, making it to Sedona in time for lunch should be a breeze. The roads are all paved highways, but you never know what kind of weather might be blowing through on any given day. You can check road conditions and closures here:

    Alas, I haven't eaten a restaurant meal in Sedona in years, so I can't help with that part of your query.

    1. Sedona is beautiful and well worth the day trip. I've been there five or six times, for as long as two days at a time, and unfortunately never found anywhere to eat that I'd bother to recommend. For lunch, my best recommendation is to go to the Euro Deli, 3190 W Highway 89A # 200, Sedona, AZ‎, get sandwiches and/or soup to go, then find somewhere beautiful to eat them. This time of year it will be plenty cold, so bundle up.

      1. I will be in Phoenix soon, and wascontemplating doing the exact same thing: for the express purpose of eating at Elote Cafe, which I have wanted to try forever. Alas, they are not open for lunch. :-(

        1. We've had relaxing upscale lunches in lovely settings at L'Auberge, and at the Enchantment Resort. L'Auberge is situated along Oak Creek. At Enchantment Resort, we've eaten lunch a few times on the pretty terrace at Tii Gavo, the casual restaurant, but I've heard good things about their more formal restaurant, Yavapai, and we plan lunch here on our next visit. This is also another gorgeous setting, with Enchantment Resort located in Boynton Canyon with its striking views.

          I've posted pics of both spots at the links below, but should add that I haven't visited L'Auberge Resort since they started a $25 million renovation .

          Tii Gavo at Enchantment Resort
          525 Boynton Canyon Rd, Sedona, AZ 86336

          301 L'Auberge Lane, Sedona, AZ 86336

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            I'll second the recommendation for the Enchantment Resort- the food was good, but the views are absolutely gorgeous, which is the best part of Sedona. We ate at the casual restaurant, but it was still fairly upscale- cloth napkins, etc.

            1. re: Rubee

              Enchantment is a fine choice as is L'Auberge. Both have unique although different settings. Enchantment used to require a reservation for lunch or dinner in order to get past the gate guard. Not sure if that is still true. Of their restaurants, I would try Yavapai just based on the spectacular views.

            2. Thanks for your help everyone. I have a res for lunch at Yavapai at Enchantment Resort. Since we'll be in the area we'll drop by and check out both Auberge and the Oak Creek Resort. Hoping for good weather and easy driving.

              Dinners at T Cook's and Kai. Lunches at Yavapai and Pane Bianco in Px. Will report back.