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Does anyone know where to buy pork belly? I bought Momofuku and would like to try some recipes using it.

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  1. First of all, check this board for past discussions on this topic. I was part of one of those discussions and got a lot of info out of it. From that discussion, I found Bestway and buy my boneless belly there. It's in the old part of Herndon, Va on Elden Street. You have to ask for it, but they have really nice pork there and cheap too. They also have a location in Silver Spring. Language may be an issue if you don't speak Spanish. Most of the staff and customers are Spanish speaking. At the Herndon location, there's a very nice young guy who speaks English well and will cut the belly to any size/weight you want.

    1. I'm sure this question has been raised recently, so please search the archives.

      But I know for sure H-mart carries this (there's one in Wheaton, one in Falls Church, and others around the area)

      1. Any of the Asian markets in the area will carry it.

        1. Truck Patch Farms, at a farmer's market near you.

          1. Butcher's Block in Old Town Alexandria.

              1. Are you looking for a whole piece or part? As others have mentioned, H-mart is the go-to place, although all you Friggin' foodies have jacked up the price! :) A couple of years ago it was $1.38/LB but last time I was there it was almost $3!

                The big Meat shop at Eastern Market sells them too, as well as pieces, and I can attest they get them from the same place H-Mart does.....

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                  It usually goes on sale at my H Mart for $1.89 (skin on).

                2. The market beside Bangkok 54 has it, but what you really want to do is walk into B54 and have the crispy pork belly in basil-chili sauce...

                  1. Here is a map of nearly all of the East Asian groceries/market in the DC area.


                    I don't know where you are, but I saw really good pork belly at the Great Wall's butcher counter. They're in Merrifield/Falls Chruch (where Gallows meets Arlington Rd.) They have the best and biggest seafood counter I've seen at any asian grocery (everything from sushi grade fish to live frogs.


                    If you're using pork belly in bacon-like strips, then have them cut it on the spot for you -- hopefully they'll keep it very chilled or slightly frozen. It's the only way to cut it without getting it all chewed up in the process.

                    1. Thanks!!!! I got some at Butcher's Block ($5.50/lb) and then went to Grand Mart (Little River Turnpike $2.20/lb). Both were superb. Thanks for the suggestions.

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                        Sure. Check out Super H Mart on Lee Hwy between Main and Little River Tnpk next time. I went there yesterday and the produce, prices and basically everything beats out all the other ethnic groceries. Grand Mart is pretty cheap though.