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Best Po' Boys - The Quarter

I've got a friend going to visit NOLA next month and REFUSES to leave the quarter, as he will only be there 2 days. Where are the best po- boys there?
Roast Beef w/ Gravy -
Shrimp - ??
Crawfish - ??
Oyster - ??
Misc- ??

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  1. Strangely, the Quarter might not be the best place for po-boys, Johnny's on St. Louis is likely the most popular spot, its not bad, I have eatenthere countless times. For me though I think I would vote for Stanley for soft shell crab or oyster, and the Hermes Bar for an oyster foch po-boy.

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      Thanks Charlie - he needs all the help he can get - does Johnny's roast beef po'boy have gravy? I know that gravy is a big source of debate-

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        Yes, they have gravy, all roast beef poboys should have gravy, there are just different types, regular gravy, debris gravy

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          the johnny's roast beef poboy is a damn fine example. very tasty with a good gravy, though not as sloppy as you find other places.

      2. I just had a surprisingly good roast beef po boy at Acme on Saturday. A local sent me there for the first time, as I was always turned off by the tourist crowd waiting to get in. I'm glad I went. The po boy was great and the charbroiled oysters were excellent too. I was too hungover to drink a beer, so I very uncharacteristically had a coke. Great meal and the shucker was a character.

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          thats a good suggestion, he also has a pre-disposition towards places that have been seen on tv (food net., travel channel, etc)

        2. The eggs benedict poboy and korean BBQ poboy at Stanley deserve a mention; see the full menu here: http://www.stanleyrestaurant.com/pdf/...

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            I love kim-chi - is this poboy at Stanley one of those can't miss poboys?

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              I had it and liked it. But I don't think it was worth the money personally. I highly recommend Stanley in general however. Definitely make it a stop.

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              $17 for a beef poboy! ouch, hope its pretty special....gold flakes?

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                that's kinda what I was thinking - i don't mind spending the money if its memorable - but if i would be equally satisfied with roast beef w/ gravy at parkway - then why?

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                  Maybe becuase you said you couldn't leave the quarter.

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                I just had one of these, and the kimchee was great, but for serious, the beef is RAW. It was still pretty tender and tasty, but I wish they'd mentioned that it would be rare/raw/barely seared, because I was not in the mood for super rare meat.

                The eggs benedict po'boy was awesome though.

              3. +1 Johnny's, its your one-stop-shop. 50+ varieties, good hot sausage, and the Johnny's Special is a gut buster -- roast beef, ham, swiss, american...ultimate hangover killer.

                but Mena's also has good & cheap poboys and plates.

                Red Fish has a 1/2 poboy + soup lunch special thats pretty good, their BBQ Oyster poboy is one of a kind tasty.

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                  I haven't read much about Mena's or Red Fish on the boards - I'll have to check them out

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                    mena's is a locals secret. i shouldnt have told you. fuhgetaboutit. ;)

                2. Shrimp - Felix's. Strike up a conversation with the waitress and it will be grand.

                  Don't have an oyster rec., but Acme might do the trick.

                  RB used to be a slam-dunk (late '70s to late '80s), but Frank's is not what it once was, when Frank was holding court, and his M-I-L did the RB. Then, the only place that could touch them was Acey's Pool Hall on Magazine, outside the FQ. Now?

                  Good luck,


                  1. Acme or Johnny's will meet most requirements, and if one refuses to leave the Quarter they must compromise. Oh what a city that someone has to compromise with the Acme Oyster Po Boy or the Johnny's Roast Beef (don't forget the Judge Bosetta (sp?))!

                    I would also include the corner stores such as Verdi Mart, Matassa's, and the bright yellow place. They also make mean and plentiful po boys!

                    1. Desire oyster bar on Bourbon has excellent roast beef and gravy po-boys. I had 3 while I was there recently. The charbroiled oysters are to die for. It was the best food I had while I was there, great raw oysters too. Much better than Acme.

                      1. Verti Mart's brisket po' boy is scrumptious. It's a grocery/deli on a corner near the Croissante d'Or past the Ursulines convent. I go there every trip to the quarter since I saw a carriage driver stop in and come out with a grocery bag with 4 french bread loaves wrapped in butcher paper. The drunk couple making out in the carriage never knew he stopped, and I'm betting he didn't share with them...