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Dec 9, 2009 07:30 AM

watermelon radish?

hello, i know i'm a couple weeks late, but anyone seen watermelon radish in the philly / merion area lately? desperate for one of those beauties for a party this weekend.

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  1. OK - I'm not positive if I know what watermelon radishes are. But I have seen beautiful radishes that are watermelon colored inside at the Headhouse Farmers Market (2nd and Pine Streets). The market will be there for two more Sundays (Dec. 13 and 20th). However, last Sunday was the last week for one of the vegetable vendors (the first one on the end), and he may have been one of the ones with the "watermelon" radishes. But it's possible that other vendors had them, too. I just can't remember for sure because I have never gotten them. Good luck.

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    1. re: Hansel

      thanks for the info. actually, watermelon radishes are pretty ugly, pale green outside, but the insides are amazing! here are some pics. or did you mean they are watermelon colored inside the radish - not inside the market??

      1. re: tracyk

        I know I'm way late, but yes, I did mean watermelon colored inside the radish! And, yes, these are the radishes they had at the Headhouse Market.

        Next summer I'll try some...

        1. re: Hansel

          oh! yes, definitely try them! my winter csa just gifted us with some in our share last week, so you might still find them at the market!