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Knife sharpening in Cleveland, OH?

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Does anyone know of a place to take your kitchen knifes to have the edges redone and sharpened and the rates?


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  1. I sent a message to a knife sharpener I know in Cleveland Heights....I do not think she is a Chow.com user yet....but I forwarded her this thread. I am sure she will be with you soon.

    I am in Detroit so I am not sure of the name of her business off the top of my head.

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      She said she is having issues logging onto Chow but would like me to pass on her Email.

      Pat Hartmann

    2. There's a vendor that comes to the Westlake Farmer's Market (not of much help to you in December, I know). Email the farmers market peeps, they probably know his name:


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        I assume he's the same guy that occasionally shows up at Shaker Square:
        Steve Bottorff

        I've never used his services, but he's a knife sharpening rock star. By which I mean that he gives classes, sells books and is the most well know knife sharpener in the area.

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          There are 4 of us independent sharpeners here in the Cleveland-Akron area.
          Steve Bottorff, south Euclid sharpeningmadeeasy.com
          Garth Proctor - Euclid
          Pat Hartmann - S Euclid
          Kevin Noon - Kent

          Unlike a real rock star, you would not want to sleep with my groupies.