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Dec 9, 2009 06:32 AM

Birmingham, AL - Breakfast / Brunch Options (in downtown area) ??

I know that there is an Original Pancake House location in the Five Points area.

Are there any other options for breakfast or brunch? Downtown hotels with good restaurants?

I will be in town for the bowl game the weekend of Jan. 1 - 3, and I am hoping to find a really great breakfast or brunch spot near UAB, Five Points, or Birmingham-Southern.

Please post your recommendations.

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  1. Za Za Trattoria, which is downtown, has a very good breakfast, and I am told that their Sundy brunch is excellent (but I have not been for that). See:

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      Thank you, pinot. Just spotted the "Breakfast in Birmingham" thread, too. I will head over there.

    2. Original Pancake House is very good IMO. But my standard go to breakfast spot in Bham is VRichards...Nueske's bacon mmmmm!!! And for just coffee and a pastry O'Kafes in PepperPlace.

      1. if you're staying in the 5 pts area, i'd recommend driving the very short distance to mountain brook, where you can choose from chez lulu, another broken egg, or dyron's lowcountry - all which are delicious brunch options.

        so glad you'll be joining us for the game!

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          I'd love to hear more about Another Broken Egg. I read something about it on a while back but have not tried it yet. Suggestions?