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Dec 9, 2009 06:11 AM

Pepper Vodka-any new recipes?

I am slowly running down my stock of Stoly Pertsovka (bought a few cases a number of years ago) and will have to start making my own.
I never liked absolut nor some of the red hot flavored vodkas that have made their appearance from time to time.
I am seeking to duplicate Stoly Partsovka.

There was a post by Tom Hilton recommending using a mixture of peppercorns and some comments about also adding chile peppers.
Was this recipe ever finalized or improved upon.
Your help appreciated.

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  1. I tried making some at home. It turned out ok, not great, but not terrible. I quartered and seeded a jalapeno, a serrano and a red chile pepper and steeped them with 750 ml of vodka in a mason jar for about three days, shaking once or twice a day, then strained it back into the original bottle through a coffee filter placed in a mesh strainer. The result? A slightly greenish tinged vodka with quite a kick to it. It's not bad in a bloody mary, but it doesn't taste like Pertsovka or Absolut Peppar. I also would like to know the secret recipe, since these are apparently not available anymore.