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Dec 9, 2009 06:11 AM

Chocolate Truffles - Help, please!

I am in the process of making Chocolate Truffles with Fleur de Sel (from the Nordstrom "Flavors" cookbook). Made the ganache last night and will roll them and dip them (just a tip in the fleur de sel and the rest in cocoa powder) tonight.

My question is this: the recipe calls for dutch-processed cocoa (to dip them in) but I only have regular (Ghiradelli) cocoa powder. Will this make a big difference if I don't use Dutch-processed? I know the latter is less acidic (?), but I am not sure how a light dusting might affect the taste of my truffles.

Also, the recipe called for semisweet chocolate, cream, and butter. Then once smooth, add vanilla. I changed two things: I added about 1/4 tsp. (approx.) espresso powder (in hopes of bringing out more of the chocolate flavor - in addition to the vanilla) and used 60% "bittersweet" chocolate (Callebut). Problem?!

One last thing: of all the cooking tools I've acquired, I do not have a melon baller! Any suggestions for what I can use to scoop up the ganache, or must I make that an errand for today?

Thanks in advance for any feedback!

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  1. Go ahead and use the cocoa you have. It won't make any real difference in taste or appearance.

    No problem with the espresso powder you added or the bittersweet. You can add a bit of flavoring. And the bittersweet sounds really good -- not too sweet.

    No need to run out to get a melon baller. That would just make things more uniform in size and maybe more round. But you can use a small cookie scoop if you have one of the right size. Otherwise just use a spoon.

    And then you can rub the ganache into a ball. Not too much so that it starts melting.

    They don't need to be too regular. Truffles are called truffles because they looked like the underground mushroom truffles which definitely do not look regular and pretty.

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      Oh thank you, thank you! I was beginning to worry that I would get no answers... :)

      I really appreciate your help. And I'm so glad I won't have to go purchase yet another container of cocoa powder - I already have three! I did, however, run out on my lunch break to buy a melon baller. As my luck would dictate, C&B was out of them - so I bought a small cookie scooper. Still looks kind of big for truffles, but I'll make do.

      I'm making these for my (first) office potluck, so I am definitely aiming to please!

      Thanks again for your help... Happy holidays!

    2. Truffles are pretty forgiving -- and they're fun to play around with, changing the coating or flavor etc. I've never used a melon baller to shape them, though I have tried a number of other ways (spoon, piping, cutting into squares like fudge and then rolling) -- mostly you don't want to make them too big, as they're so rich. :)