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Dec 9, 2009 06:03 AM

Filling Station in New Canaan - Anyone have the scoop?

There is a big sign next to Brueggers about a new burger, dog and shake place opening in Winter 2009 named Filling Station. Here is a link to the website.

ANyone have the skinny on the place. Looking forward to a real dog in town and another burger place is always welcome. Too bad they think a Manwich is a Sloppy Joe. Jfood was hoping for a NJ Sloppy Joe up here.


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  1. that sounds great...hopefully it lives up to the hype we will give it. done right, it could be a great place...
    as an aside, i had a great burger the other night at cherry street washed down with a guiness. don't think the place gets enough props, but it's pretty solid for what it is

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        1. re: poppy

          in fairness, what is the competition for a hamburger in town though. 50-coins, now NC diner, gates? slim pickings.

        2. re: jfood

          Just my .02...know it's not gonna be popular here...I actually feel it's a little too hyped.

          I like CSE, been goin for many many many years. The father of one of my elementary school buddies actually owned the place when it first opened, and I'm so happy John and Mary restored it to it's original pre-fire feel. I missed it when it was gone, and was one of the first folks to dine there when it returned.

          But as much as I love the place, I'd never classify the burger as "great". Good? Yes. Best in NC? Absolutely no doubt about it. But to find a truly GREAT burger you gotta travel a bit...toward Westchester and beyond. Or pay $20+ at some other local places that do have really GREAT burgers. I'd put CSE in the same class as Rory's, Burger Bar, and Brennan's.

          And for folks who have not been, best to temper your expectations a bit IMO, b/c you won't be walking into Melon's, Clarke's, Shake Shack, or Paul's...

          1. re: CTburgerlover

            Thanks for the thoughts CT. There is at least one place on this side of the NY line that gets a "great" status and Meetinghouse in Bedford isn't that far from the north end of NC.

            When jfood looked into the window his comment to mrs jfood was that it appears that it was more a feel on the deli across from Planet TV in STM, think the name is Market, than a great place. but another chance to grab a burger in town is always welcome, and if decent will decrease the travel time for a good dog, since we have zippo hot dogs in town. BTW - jfood couldn't care less about the manwich, never will eat that.

            1. re: jfood

              i heard the filling station was an organic restaurant.

              1. re: poppy

                From their website:

                ABOUT US

                Juicy hamburgers, delicious falafel burgers and snappy hot dogs cooked to order, loads of toppings, crispy hot French fries washed down with thick rich milkshakes and ice cold beers. Great prices. Good fun......that's our story.

                Healthful ingredients are a natural for us. We use vegetarian-fed and antibiotic-free beef in our burgers and hot dogs, cage-free chicken in our organic chicken hot dogs and hormone free milk for our shakes. Even our fries are organic.

                Core Values
                Filling Station Co. is all about:
                Quality – passionate about fresh ingredients, preparation, flavors and appearance of our food
                Value - providing a high quality product at fair prices
                Fresh - every order is cooked to order right before your eyes
                Service - go all out to satisfy and delight our customers
                Simplicity – keeping our business straight forward: food, menu, operation
                Choice – over 100,000 ways to customize an order
                Style – elegant design
                Community - active participation in our local community
                We build and operate Filling Station as green as possible to reduce the impact of our restaurant on the environment:
                Energy efficient kitchen equipment
                Water conservation equipment
                Biodegradable take out containers, cups and flatware
                Environmentally friendly packaging (Most is biodegradable)
                100% recycled paper, bags and boxes
                Green cleaning practices including biodegradable products
                Built our restaurant with recycled woods and eco friendly materials

          2. re: jfood

            I would have to say that Harvest Supper in NC is by far the best burger. It is pricey at $18, but its American Kobe, hand ground when you order it, cooked to perfection served with truffle fries. If you go there and dont like the burger, ill give you the $18 to cover it. Must try!

            Harvest Supper
            15 Elm St, New Canaan, CT 06840

            1. re: sub1427

              Hey sub and welcome to the boards.

              No argument that HS had a great burger when Kardos was in the kitchen, but he left >6 months ago and I have not been here since. Out of curiosity when did you try the HS burger to see if it was a Kardos or a post-Kardos burger.

              BTW - No need for the $18, been there and liked it. And I hate truffle fries.

              1. re: jfood

                jfood, this was maybe 2-3 months ago. There was a blizzard that night and we were the only people in the place, felt really bad ordering the burger but it came out GREAT... I put that as one of the best I've ever had. The local spot that held the crown before that was The Little Pub. Ventura Highway burger. Awesome

                Little Pub
                286 Boston Post Rd E, Marlborough, MA 01752

                1. re: sub1427

                  thanks sub...I have to go back and give it a shot.

                  1. re: sub1427

                    Just curious, why did you feel bad for ordering the burger? Was it not on the menu or something?

                    1. re: ratbuddy

                      It is always on the menu but you know keeping the place open and the chefs here for an 18 dollar burger bothers me a bit. Im in the business and when your planning on closing because of a storm and then two people come in late night. You are right I shouldn't feel bad though

          3. I do have some skinny. I attended a tasting last Spring, and saw a bit of the menu. I have been counting the days till opening based on that tasting. Granted the menu may have changed a bit, but here is the basic concept

            Burgers-Grass Fed Beef or Veggie Falafel Burger
            Hot Dogs-Nitrate-free Beef, Chicken & Veggie
            Sloppy Joes

            Toppings range from chili ketchup, chipotle sauce, horseradish to blue cheese (plus the basics)
            Premium Toppings were sauerkraut, grilled mushrooms, chili etc.

            Organic Fries
            Milkshakes made with hormone free milk

            Back when I sampled the goods, these burgers were slider sized, perfectly seasoned, great quality meat on a light moist bun. The falafel was out of this world....actually, it was all darn tasty. Milkshakes were thick, creamy, and just right. Despite the low-brow category, the product had seriously high end flavor.

            I'm looking forward to the big opening. I wish they were coming to Westport.

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            1. re: ctbites

              I work right next door and was speaking with the owner the other day. It will organic and should be opening in a month

            2. The original comment has been removed