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Where would you bring your fabulous friend visiting from LA?


He likes good food, a fun scene --he happens to be gay so would probably enjoy some eye candy as well ;)
Good food and fun scene are not so hard to find, but the combination of all three might be a bit more challenging. I was thinking Dbar --went there a few months back and we had a good meal --and i think later in the night on weekends they clear away the tables and there's dancing...any other thoughts?
Maybe Stella? Haven't been in forever but I remember the food being ok and I know there's a lively bar scene.
We've actually got a reservation at Beehive --had a surprisingly good meal there recently...know there's not a huge "fabulous" factor there but thought it was an ok option as well. Would love to hear any other possibilities.....

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      Maybe a Club Cafe visit for drinks..but not for food. Thanks for the rec though...

    2. I haven't eaten there in some time but 28 Degrees has a great bar scene and drinks.

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        Yeah, that might be an option. I know there was a time when the food was pretty good. Anyone eaten there recently?

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          The last time I was there was late spring or early summer (not sure if that counts as "recent"), and I really enjoyed the food. We went to one of the special wine-pairing dinners they do now and then and I remember it being really good value for money. Plus, the overall ambiance is quite chic. I have a fabulous sister who lives in LA, and if she came to visit, 28 Degrees would probably be on my shortlist for places to take her.

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          Given a choice of 28 Degrees versus Beehive?
          28 Degrees wins by a long mile.
          Better decor and ambiance, sophisticated clientele, knowledgeable bartenders.
          I have never had any food at Beehive that was better than a C+.

        3. Scampo, Market or Ginger Park.

          1. I think that the food is okay at both Stella and 28 Degrees. I've eaten at both places in the past year. But it will definitely be a fun scene, especially for some gay eye candy.

            I recently went to Market and had a fabulous dinner there. The hotel lobby was packed with the usual new hot spot/scene hangers on, so that might be another option.

            1. I would do Scampo then drinks at Clink. Later in the evening, it has a very mixed crowd so your friend might like it.

              1. My best friend and his boyfriend were in town from L.A. on a Thursday night a few weeks ago. We had a great dinner at Scampo, which is a lively scene, then walked up Beacon Hill for drinks at No. 9 Park, then jumped in a cab and closed out the night at Franklin Cafe. The bf, who'd never been to Boston before, was duly impressed.

                You may want to take the opportunity to introduce your friend to one of Boston's superior cocktail bars, like No. 9 or Drink, which I've found to be in comparatively short supply in L.A. (or usually mobbed and comparatively careless about service).

                Avoid Club Cafe at all costs, for food or drinks or anything.

                1. As I started reading your post, I was thinking Dbar. The food is fabulous, especially the diver scallops, and yes it does turn into a nightclub later in the evening.

                  1. My gay "boyfriends" that are from New England but now reside in Vegas LOVE 28 Degrees, DBar and Beehive...