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Dec 9, 2009 04:45 AM

Providence Area Holiday Meetup location

We are a group of about 15-20 adults who are looking to have a quaint holiday gathering (yes, last minute!) in the Providence area. We're looking for a place that has good Christmas ambiance, cozy and cute, and quiet enough for all of us to chat. We're hoping there is a great place that has chow worthy food and appetizers, and maybe some hot seasonal drinks! Any help! Time is limited as our meeting is in two weeks!

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    1. re: invinotheresverde

      Locale - Providence area as mentioned
      Budget - open to suggestions in all ranges as it's just a group drink/apps outing
      Cuisine - I didn't specify because I thought there would be more suggestions if I didn't

      1. re: snl1129

        You may want to try CAV. It's really pretty and quaint, definitely "cozy and cute", and has interesting artwork and decor (some for sale), and the food is usually pretty good. That said, the food is not reliably out-of-this-world, although it's pretty good. I'd think it would be a really fun spot for this type of event.

        1. re: snl1129

          I just meant any specific part of PVD.

          I don't know if any place will take that large of a party during the busiest time of the year who's just having drinks and appetizers. Tables are prime real estate in December. Maybe someplace with a really large lounge/bar area would accomodate. The upstairs at the Red Fez is bar/appetizer appropriate, has a varied menu and is reasonably priced. That said, it's not cute and cozy, nor especially Christmasy. I think your options are going to be really limited, especially since this is last minute.

          Oh, maybe the lounge side of Local 121. It's a really nice space, with great drinks and passable food (appetizers better than entrees). I haven't been there in a while, so I don't know how decorated for the holidays it is, but it'd be my first choice if I was in your situation.

          1. re: invinotheresverde

            The downstairs bistro at Pot au Feu may fit the bill. It's a cozy, historic building in the financial district and usually beautifully decorated for the holidays. The apps are great as well as the 'lite fare'. I would call ahead, though, so they can better prepare for you and serve you.