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Dec 9, 2009 04:26 AM

Ko or WD-50

I haven't been to either yet, but what would you recommend for a nice date as a holiday present?

Most likely we will go for dinner.


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  1. I haven't been to WD-50 in a while, but didn't care for it when I went. I was at Ko about 2 months ago and it was great. Each course was interesting, the wine pairings delicious, and the setting was fun (although I agree with those who wonder why the cooks don't engage the patrons -- it seems like they are programmed to be frosty). But do not underestimate the difficulty of getting a Ko reservation, The place is tiny. You have to request the reservation on line at 10:00 am exactly and specify number of diners and time within seconds after that -- a 5 second lag will be mean you'll be too late. It may take weeks of practice, a dose of good luck, and a very fast internet connection. Another Ko-like option is Degustation, also in the EV. Similar vibe, great food and win, but much more approachable and a lot less money.

      1. Ko (if you can score a rez).

        1. Ditto to Ko. The food is much better. Though the reservation process is a pain.