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Dec 9, 2009 01:42 AM

Cheesecake on a cake base?

Trying to do something different with a cheesecake for Christmas. I've been looking around online at recipes *and* retail cheesecakes. I've seen some with cake bases. My thought is to do something like an inch-high cake base, moistened with some kind of liqueur or syrup, then a light glaze (e.g., apricot preserves), over the cake before the cheesecake filling is added.

I'm thinking a no-bake cheesecake recipe would be best in this case. Do you agree?

And what kind of cake would be best for this? A sponge? A genoise? Something else?

Also, I saw an example of an apple crumb cheesecake that I think might go over well with my family and the guests we're having this year. Is there a liqueur that would go well with apple that I could use to moisten the cake base?


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  1. Sorry I can't be of much help but I remember the guys on the Test Kitchen show talking about the perfect cake to do layers and that keeps well in the refrigerator.. I think they were making a Restaurant Raspberry Chiffon something (cheesecake, or 3 layer cake) and it had 3 layers, the cake, the raspberry pie ir cheesecake (cant remember) and whipped cream on top...

    Good luck and if I remember I will come back and answer that =) cheers.

    1. You can bake it (otherwise it seems more like a cream cheese frosting to me than cheese cake). I make this carrot cake cheesecake and have played around with different types. Last night I made a ricotta cheesecake with a pumpkin base and then sprinkled baked pumpkin bread in it.

      If you're looking for liquer that goes well with apple, you could do applejack.

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        I too prefer a baked cheesecake and they work well on cake bases. I have made them on sponge bases at work.

        Frangelico or Amaretto (or some other nut liqueur) would go well with the apple flavour.

      2. What you would need is a Flan Pan, and a (sponge-type) cake recipe (like genoise). When I visited in Germany, just about every grocery store carried an item "Kuchenboden" (literal translation = cake base) that was used along with your own homemade filling....usually a pudding topped with glazed fruits. It has sides to it to hold fillings.
        Think that should work for you with the "no-bake" cheesecake filling.

        Have not seen such an item in U.S., but only once. Check your local grocery stores or super-markets. Especially a store that might carry ethnic items.

        I have a recipe for this type of cake, but you would need the afore mentioned flan pan. Chicago Metals makes it.

        1. a festive cake but i'm not sure if it's what you're looking for exactly:

          1. In selecting your liqueur, amaretto compliments apples quite well.