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Dec 8, 2009 10:04 PM

Il Gatto? (msp)

Anybody else checked out the renovated Figlio space that is now called Il Gatto? I guess they opened during thanksgiving week.

we tried it last night and were very disappointing. food just wasn't very good.

i had the tagliatelle pasta with beets. i expected it to be delicious pasta with beets added, but i was wrong. it was a big hot pink pile of mush-- zero flavor, no texture, no seasoning. there was some goat cheese on top that was completely lost on the beets. it was terrible.

the BF had the gnocchi. he said the gnocchi itself was good, but the dish was also under seasoned.

anybody had a good experience there?

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  1. We were there on opening night, so I won't judge too much. The food was okay. Our table had the fried mozzarella appetizer, a couple of the wood fired pizzas, the four cheese ravioli, and some desserts.

    The apps, pizzas, and pasta were good. Not spectacular, but good - the pizza themselves are a bit greasy, but the pepperoni topping was declared best in town (edging out Black Sheep). (That isn't to say that the pizza itsself is better, just the pepperoni on the pizza)

    The desserts, on the other hand, were FANTASTIC. Adrienne Odom's work is still awesome. I posted some pictures from the meal on Twitter (Photos here: Captions would be in my old tweets here: ) There are pictures of the pizza, ravioli, mozzarella, dessert menu, Limoncello Tiramisu (assembled and broken open), and Bundito)

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      Its been a bit a little while, have they worked out any of their problems? Thinking about going tonight.

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        DC-Let us know if you end up going. I just think aside from places like Barbette, Lucia's, etc. etc. - the eateries in Uptown just aren't worth going for-unless for a cocktail or the see-to-be-seen scene (make sense?) Figlio's is where I used to meet GF's on a Thursday for dinner or for HH-but it was never really about their amazing food. I've heard "ok" things about Cowboy Slims, I'm not cool enough to drink (and service has always been poor) at Bar I'd rather go sit upstairs at the Independent and eat a walleye sandwich. I haven't been to Zeno's in forever-but they used to have really great french press and decent breakfast.