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Dec 8, 2009 09:28 PM

Take-out in central Austin?

We're looking to branch out of our take-out rut...anyone have good suggestions? We usually pick up from Central Market, Whole Foods, Asti, Mother's, Madam Mam's, Clay Pot, Thai Fresh, Salvation Pizza...what other places should we try?

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  1. I really like Banzai, across from Central Market on North Lamar. I can't vouch for their fish, but they always have fresh, well-prepared veggie sushi. Their rice is always perfect, and they have some really good veggie rolls.

    I like the deli counter at Wheatsville, too.

    1. I posted a similar question a while back (for central/south), and got some good responses. I like Koriente on 7th right near I-35. I also like Mandola's, although I've never gotten the food to go. Not sure if you consider it central, but I also like El Chilito on Manor Rd. It's better than El Chile, as well as cheaper, since they only serve food to go. I like the burritos (plus guacamole) and the puffy tacos. The only problem is they can NEVER get their own menu straight. You're supposed to be able to make any of the items "a plate" by adding beans and potatoes for $1.79. I got home to find refried beans and rice, so the next time I went, I specifically mentioned that I wanted it as advertised, with beans and potatoes. I got home that time to find black beans and rice on the side. Sometimes you get refried beans and sometimes you get black, but it seems they always want to give you the rice (as some consolation, the rice is excellent). I can't wait to see what they come up with next time.

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        Oops, I meant to provide the link to the earlier discussion:

      2. Pei Wei in the Hancock Center

        1. We like to pick up take out at Mandola's Italian Market. A great take out dish would be their osso buco on Sundays. I prefer it with the mashed potatoes, but you can also get it with saffron risotto. Usually for take out we split their antipasto salad and a pizza. You can call ahead.