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Dec 8, 2009 07:47 PM

Holiday Lunch - Philadelphia Area

I need to select a restaurant for ~10 people for a holiday lunch. I want enough variety for different tastes, so a good menu selection is important. Acceptable price range is $20-40 per person. Past years selections have been : Fork, Capital Grille, and Fogo de Chao (2x last two years) , and we want to try a new spot. Some have suggested The Pub in NJ, but I don't think that is upscale enough for a special lunch (never been there).

I'd like to pick something different than our everyday "rest of the year" lunch outings (usually Italian- Criniti's, Mamma Maria's,etc) and provide a wider menu selection. Can't be anything like Mexican or taps (though I'm personally not opposed to that.)

We are in South Philly, so a trip to center city or jump across the bridge is ok. I need to make these reservations by the end of the week.



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  1. I realize you want to stay away from Italian, but Paradiso offers a great lunch menu with more "modern" fare than Criniti's.

    Menu here...

    1. I haven't been, but have heard wonderful things about XIX at the Bellevue. I enjoy Lacroix for celebratory lunches, but I haven't looked at the lunch menu recently enough to know if there is enough variety to satisfy your group.

      1. Two suggestions would be Ten Arts and Davio's.

        I am part of a lunch group that enjoys occasional upscale lunches.
        These places were favorites.
        Davio's was especially festive.

        We had an unfortunate experience at Nineteen, so we haven't returned. This was about two years ago, so it is probably better now. (Indifferent service, mediocre food.)

        We love Lacroix, but as Urbanfabric says, check the menu to see if there is enough variety. Paradiso has always been lovely for dinner; never been there for lunch.

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            I've only been for dinner (several times) but love the food at Matyson. It's a BYO if that's a factor.

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              Parc is way too noisy, even at lunch.