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Dec 8, 2009 07:29 PM

Has anyone been to Quinn's?


I was wondering if anyone here has ever been to a restaurant called "Quinn's" owned by a Mr. Gavin Quinn? I only know that it's located on Richmond St., west of Bay St. Underneath the Sheraton (Centre) Hotel. But I'm not sure where it is exactly because I have never been there. And google does not have their restaurant listed.

Any helpful directoins or what their store-front looks like would be wonderful. Thank you!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Mr Quinn is one of the owners of the Irish Embassy Pub and the Shopsy's delis (since 2006) but I've never heard of this Quinn's restaurant.

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        I think Mr. Quinn died. I am pretty sure I read his obituary in the Toronto Star....

        Yeah, I just googled and found an article in The Glone and Mail.

        1. re: ylsf

          If you read more carefully you will note that the fellow who passed was Pat Quinn, not Gavin Quinn. Pat was Gavin's father, several members of the Quin family are partners in the restaurants.

          I think it's likely and quite reasonable that Pat's health took precedence over opening a new restaurant.

          1. re: bytepusher

            Sorry about that, yeah, I saw your post the connection with Irish Embassy/etc and I didn't re-read the article as I saw "Quinn"...

      2. I'm guessing you mean this place:

        The Web site says "Opening November 2009," but there's nothing else on the site, so I'd venture to guess the opening has been delayed. If you click the picture on the site, it opens a contact e-mail.

        It looks like it used to be two different steakhouses: Biftheque, and Steak Restaurant & Bar.

        Here's a link to the storefront on Streetview:

        Don't click anywhere on the page until streetview has loaded fully, or it will stop loading.

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        1. re: CeeQueue

          Oh, this was mighty helpful. When I googled and zoomed, looking around the Sheraton building the only restaurant I saw was this store-front that read "Steak". And I couldn't figure out if it was this restaurant. Haha. Many thanks. :)

        2. I'm going to give this restaurant a shot sometime this week hopefully!

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              Wow, it was actually pretty good! Took 3 clients there and we had a great meal. Two had steak and two had the chicken. My steak was excellent - lots of flavour. Just a touch more cooked than I would have liked (medium rare), but overall very enjoyable. My parsley and pear soup was very nice. The two that had the chicken loved it.

              For some reason, I expected crazy sized portions and pricing like the old Le Biftheque that used to occupy the space, but that was not the case (at least not for lunch). My 10 oz NY strip was $26. Very reasonable I think.

              Will be back!

              (My only complaint about the place was that it was (I guess this applies to it's previous incarnation as Le Biftheque) that it's kinda hidden when trying to access the restaurant from inside the Sheraton).

          1. Went last night and had an overall positive impression. It appears they are trying to compete with the Keg rather than Ruth's Chris/Morton's etc. -- very competitive pricing of Canadian beef, a rather short wine list featuring mainly California and Australia (only a couple of bottles costing more than $100). The service was very personable and attentive and the steaks were well prepared and tender. Just a few gripes -- the buns could be fresher, they put a thick wad of cheese on the baked potato (I will ask for no cheese if I go back), and the Irish coffee came without whipped cream.

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            1. re: caviartothegeneral

              I agree the price is very competitive but my experience was less that perfect. The service was actually very good and they clearly want to improve and want to hear from their customers. The haven't quite perfected the steaks yet as mine was overcooked, similar ot a previous poster. For a steakhouse this is a bit of an unforgivable sin but given their attitude and prices I will probably go back.