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Dec 8, 2009 07:25 PM

Pasadena - Eats before the Rose Bowl

The Ducks are having a tailgate on the golf course before the RB. The cost however is $90 for alumni members and $110 for non-members. This is a little expensive for lots of folks and larger family groups. Lots of Duckies are looking for alternatives for food from between the parade and the game. These places have been suggested, any other ideas from local hounds?

Crocodile Cafe on Lake, dress casual.

California Skewers on Lake, casual.

Houstons on Arroyo Parkway, dress casual / no hats allowed.

Green Street Cafe on Shoppers lane near Mentor and east Green near Lake, dress casual.

Twin Palms in Old Town, dress casual.

Gordon Biersch in Old Town, dress casual.

Crown City Brewery at 300 S. Raymond, casual.

Mijares on Palmetto and Pasadena ave, casual. Great Margaritas!

Thanks for your ideas, Go Ducks!!!

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  1. You gotta realize that things get really crazy in Pasadena at Rose Bowl/Parade time. Things will be crowded. Service will be stressed. That said, Crocodile Cafe now has a different name which escapes me. Barneys Beanery on Colorado sounds like what you might be looking for, but it will be jammed. Ditto most Old Town places. Lucky Boy burgers ,etc. on the Arroyo Parkway ain't bad for no atmosphere. Tarantino's is good for pizza etc on Green St (cash only though). Maybe some places on North Lake would be good, e.g., The Hat (burgers, pastrami, etc.), or Tonny's for Mexican on Orange Grove near Lake. Pie N Burger on California just east of Lake for the obvious. Biersch, Crown City and Barneys sound like the closest to tailgating. But if you want good food and drink, Pasadena at this time of year and at this price point is probably not the place to be. If you just wanna get smashed, the places above plus maybe the 35er and Jake's on Colorado.
    Other possibilities might be California Pizza Kitchen or McCormick & Schmick on N Los Robles.

    1. Inexpensive good filling fast food in Pasadena:
      The Hat
      Lucky Boy
      L&L Hawaiian BBQ
      Teri & Yaki

      Crown City Brewery and Twin Palms are closed for good.

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      1. re: monku

        Man I miss Crown City, but it helps that BevMo is near by.

      2. Twin Palms is closed (or will be on NYD)

        Other than Green Street, most of the choices on your list are rather, um, listless.

        Consider these alternatives instead:

        Mike and Anne's
        Pie N Burger
        Casa Bianca

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        1. re: ipsedixit

          Casa Bianca isn't open for lunch. They open at 4pm. Game time is 2pm.

          Twin Palms is definitely closed now.

        2. Note: Crocodile Cafe is now Cafe 140 South. Twin Palms is no more. Crown City Brewery no longer exists, either. Ditto Gordon Biersch. It's not Green Street Cafe, it's Green Street Restaurant.

          Lots of other businesses close on New Year's Day. I'd call anyplace you're considering well in advance.

          If open, consider: Central Park and La Grande Orange Cafe. Both are convenient to Old Town and the stadium shuttle buses.

          Green Street Restaurant is an OK choice, if open. Somewhat less convenient, depending on where you're staying, could be Cafe Verde (again, if open).

          Skewers is very casual - a takeout place, really.

          Houston's is a solid option...if open, it will be mobbed.

          Good luck.

          1. I don't know if this is an option, but you should check Brookside Golf Course and see if their restaurant is open that day. It's right by the Rose Bowl.

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              1. re: Ideefixed

                Since this is a tailgate alternative, I surmised it was all about the drinks.