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Dec 8, 2009 06:36 PM

VIvo #2 Cedar Park

In the end, I think this could be a very hip ADULT club.

Right now, (keep in mind I've never experienced Vvi0 #1).Gotta say I was SHOCKED to find a place with adult art, adult vibe as far as decor nudie art), lighting, etc.

Definitely two boot steps up from the local Cedar Chopper fare. And by far, not the Tex=-Mex I was expecting.

Happy to see an adult venue in our neck of the woods, but would love a little less in your face and more to your imagination.

2015 Manor Rd, Austin, TX 78722

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  1. Strange. I have never been to Vivo #1 either. I found their slogan (on their website), "Better than Sex...TexMex!", to be kind of odd. Guess it fits in to their overall adult vibe as you mention.

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    1. re: cstrombe

      perhaps the whole "sex-tex-mex" thing is what they want their "thing" to be.
      but, i am still looking forward to trying it for the food.
      and honestly, if the decor means there won't be lots of badly-behaved children running around and harshing my mellow, then that is a plus for me.

    2. I had no idea that they were open already. Was it crowded when you went? How was the quality of food? Honestly, at this point, I'm desperate for anything that is better than the current mediocre fare plaguing Cedar Park.

      I knew about the art at Vivo #1 but didn't really find it over the top there. Are they handing out roses to all the women at the end of the meal at Vivo #2? I found that to be incredibly cheesy at Vivo #1.

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        The official grand opening is this Friday I believe. This one has private booths and areas with very graphic photo collages. We just did appetizers, so don't know about the roses but I'm a sucker for flowers so I would love that!

        There is also talk of making it an 18 or older place which I would really favor

        1. re: NWLarry

          Just off 620 where Serrano's and then Fajita Warehouse were. Same shopping center at PEC and RC Fowlers

        2. I can confirm that the place is 18+. They really don't have much of a choice with as many breasteses as there are on those walls. One of the ideas that they discussed was that for the first few months while the neighborhood acclimates, they will be giving vouchers to people who come in with kids so that they can come back and enjoy a nice meal when they've hired a babysitter.

          I think they did a great job with the space. It is a lot larger than Vivo #1, with several semi-private dining rooms for groups and parties. As I mentioned, the decor is over the top, especially for that part of town. There is a very loungey/nightclubby feel to the front half of the restaurant, so I think they will do a lot of bar business. I was there for an opening party so cannot vouch for the food, but it has been my experience at Vivo #1 that the food is pretty consistently good.

          I know that Vivo #1 was never very kid friendly (no high chairs, crayons, or kids menus), but I think it is an especially bold move to make Vivo #2 a strictly adult restaurant. For those of us who prefer to dine in the absence of kids screaming it is a welcome relief. It will be interesting to see how that part of town supports such a place.

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          1. re: tipsytexan

            Is the art more adult than at Vivo #1?

          2. I ate at Vivo #1 last Saturday for lunch and there were loads of kids in there. The food is forgettable, but when the fire roasted char in the salsa is strong, it's some of the best offered in town.