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Dec 8, 2009 05:31 PM

Recs for an adventure on Friday night...

Looking for a place for a Friday night out to have an adventurous culinary experience to the tune of reasonable.....but also/and/or cool, underground, unique type of cuisine/setting etc......

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  1. PDT -- hidden inside Crif Dogs
    Death & Co -- cocktail lounge with no windows, no obvious signage
    Angel's Share -- no standing, no parties > 4, no loud talking cocktail lounge, you must enter through a different restaurant called Village Yokocho
    La Esquina -- but I guess everybody knows about this bar now
    Milk & Honey -- reservations only bar with no signage
    Decibel -- sake bar, tiny tiny sign by the gate

    Village Yokocho -- 2nd floor izakaya in the East Village
    Monday Room -- wine bar with small plates inside of Public
    Kuma Inn -- if you don't know it's upstairs you can totally miss it
    Degustation -- it really doesn't have obvious signage either
    Freemans -- restaurant at the end of an alley
    Bespoke Chocolates -- also at the end of an alley
    Streecha Ukrainian Kitchen -- limited hours, tiny basement space
    Ukranian National Home -- looks like you're dining in someone's rec room, you have to go into a weird office-ish looking building to get to the restaurant)
    Kyo Ya -- kaiseki style Japanese, in the basement, also a small sign by the gate, no obvious signage
    Sake Bar Hagi -- basement level izakaya
    Sakagura -- ditto
    Momofuku Ko -- lots of buzz of course but the entrance is not really friendly or obvious
    La Nacional -- restaurant inside the Spanish Benevolent Society
    Saigon Banh Mi -- back of a jewelry store
    Diamond Dairy -- kosher lunch place located on top of a jewelry store
    Kalustayan's -- very casual cafe located on top of the retail store
    burger joint - casual burger place inside the Parker Meredien hotel behind a curtain
    Mad for Chicken -- fka Bon Chon, hidden on the second floor of a poorly labeled building on 5th Ave, Korean fried chicken
    Bohemian -- Japanese restaurant inside a butcher shop

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      Yakitori Taisho for a rowdy dirt cheap yakitori dinner (asked for the grilled eel roll, it's a special but they always have it) and then Decibel for sake late into the night.
      Corner Bistro for delicious burgers, many bars in the area.
      Dinner and cocktails at Schillers in LES, again tons of bars to choose from
      Tapas and mojito pitchers at Agozar

      1. re: kathryn

        Kathryn, how was Bohemian - was it worth the trouble trying to get to the no. and reservation?

        1. re: kathryn

          Question - I am coming in from SF - how do I get a reservation at Bohemian?????
          Can't seem to find secret number anywhere.....