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Dec 8, 2009 05:16 PM

Gift Certificate Recs ($250)

I'd like to get my father and his wife a gift certificate ( approx $250) for a top restaurant in Manhattan. Last year I got them a certificate to Gramercy Tavern which they loved. Any recommendations for an American, French or Italian restaurant that's not too stuffy??

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  1. I think SHO is the best new restaurant (maybe even best restaurant, period). $250 will easily cover the 3-course prix-fixe and wine. Service is formal, but I wouldn't call it stuffy.

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    1. re: rrems

      Second SHO or my personal favorite, Falai.

    2. This is an easy one!!! Eleven Madison Park!!! Dining without being stuffy and extremely good!!!!

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        You're right. EMP would be a great gift!

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          EMP is a great choice. It's wonderful.

      2. Alto or Babbo for great Italian or Blue Hill for American.

        1. Our second-best luxury category meal this year (first was at Per Se )was at the Restaurant at the Modern. Delicious and innovative food in a nicely understated room.

          1. You could always do a BRGuest gift certificate and then they could choose from all of their restaurants. None are super fancy, but all nice. Blue Water Grill, Vento, Isabella's, Primehouse, Dos Caminos.
            If they liked Gramercy Tavern, maybe Gotham?

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              Probably too late for this year, but we received a GC to Daniel and were thrilled!