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Dec 8, 2009 04:37 PM

Best Jerusalem Restaurant For Easter Lunch

We will be in Jerusalem for Easter (April 2010) and are looking for recommendations for lunch. We'll be eating street fare most of the time, but want something nice and non-hurried for Easter. We are adventerous eaters, but I'm not looking for the best Mexican place in Jerusalem ;-D

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  1. Depending what style you're looking for, I would highly recommend the restaurant at the Jerusalem Hotel in East Jerusalem. It's in a really nice garden (that they cover and heat during less than stellar weather), and gives a great variety of Middle Eastern food. It's good to make reservations for dinner, but after that you can stay there all night and has a really nice atmosphere of locals and expats.

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      Thanks for the recommendation. I enjoy Middle Eastern food and like the idea of a place locals frequent is good.

    2. The Dolphin, reasonably priced, good fish, meat as well. Meal starts with a number of "salad" mezze as part of the deal. In Israel it is important to ask if the place has a "business lunch" and if so what days and hours. Dolphin's ends at 5 pm. The cost is substantially less for the same food.

      Post where else you will be for recommendations in so far as I can give.

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        I have a question about The Dolphin. Is it the case where there's a Sea Dolphin restaurant on Jabotinsky Street and then another in East Jerusalem called the Blue Dolphin? I always get confused by those two restaurants.

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          My Dolphin is within a short walking distance of the King David Hotel (I stay at the hostel of Beit Shmuel - the Reform Movement - World Movement for Progressive Judaism) which is an even better location, and cheap! cheap! cheap! Breakfast is included , but a disappointment considering what it easily can be. Reserve now!.

          Address and phone # later for the Dolphin.

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          We'll be with a group most of our time and have dinner's included. Yes, I know, I'm not expecting much from the tourist dinner. We're staying behind for four days in Jerusalem. Our entire stay in Jerusalem will be at the Hotel Christmas.

          Is La Rotisserie worth the hype?

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            Not familiar with the Hotel Christmas, but hotel breakfasts in Israel are usually amazing. One of the best parts of being a tourist where trading in for the "local" experience is not worth it. Most hotels do a fair job of doing a more extensive version of the Israeli breakfast than what you'd get in any cafe and often times they do a far better job. And if not better, the sheer size of the spread makes sure there are amazing options.

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              Ah, good to know. I loved the Israeli breakfasts I had decades ago and am glad to hear they are still around. I'd much eat an Israeli breakfast than a bad English breakfast.

        3. I wanted to give a quick report on where we ate in Jerusalem for Easter.

          We stayed at the The Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center right outside the New Gate. Attached is the La Rotisserie restaurant. It was excellent. The portions were generous and the chef very friendly. He is Spanish, so there was a general Mediterranean flavor to the food rather than strict French. I had an excellent rack of lamb. I had the "Moon over the Red Sea" which had date ice cream, along with 2 other flavors. It's prettier than the website's photo. We had wine from the Tulip winery which was excellent.

          The Institute runs a culinary school and hospitality program so our waiter was still in training,which means they try very hard to please the customer. The chef makes certain that everyone is taken care of properly.

          Earlier in the week we had pizza at Jacob's near Jaffa Gate. Very good & reasonable.