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Dec 8, 2009 03:47 PM

road trip through puerto rico -- culebra, central puerto rico, san juan

Hi, I'll be visiting puerto rico in a couple weeks and was looking for recommendations for a few locations. Just wondering if you guys might have some tips.

1. Culebra
2. Central Puerto Rico -- near Jayuya + Adjuntas
3. San Juan -- have some notes from previous posts

I'm especially curious about recommendations for dinner in Jayuya/Adjuntas. We'll be staying there for a night, but I haven't been able to find much about the food in that area. We're going to pass through Guavate earlier that day, so should we just load up on food before heading into the mountains? Or are there unique eats to be found up in that area?


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  1. sorry I missed this query. I love Culebra.

    hope the trip was fun

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        for other hunters going to Culebra there's a fairly lively forum on all topics related if you do a (non CH) search on isla culebra - it's moderated by a guy in NYC who has spent a LOT of time down there, locals and regulars chime in with latest developments and changes specific to the island as well as Vieques and the "big" island.