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Dec 8, 2009 03:22 PM

Best Seafood in NOLA

Visiting over new years for first time and would love to hear any pescetarian-centric recs...Thanks!

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  1. Your first stop should be Antoines immerse yourself in old guard creole upper class cuisine. and order the baked alaska for dessert.

    1. hands on seafood eating: The Galley, Franky and Johnny's, Acme, Felix, Casamento's, Middendorf's, Perino's Boiling Pot, Dockside, Bozo's, Mandina's, Crabby Jack's, Seither's, R&O's, and soon to re-open Sid Mar's.

      for more upscale: Galatorie's, Clancy's, Luke, La Cote Brasserie, Mr. B's, Bourbon House, Martinique Bistro, Brigtsen's, Drago's Metairie, Pascal's Manale, RioMar

      what are you looking for and where will you travel to? seafood is pretty broad. do you want oyster bars, peel n eat, boiled, char grilled, po boys, platters, deep fried, broiled, salads, gumbo, meuniere amandine, en papillote???

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      1. re: edible complex

        I need the quintessential nola seafood fare, but also looking for nuevo, creative stuff. have you been to Baru?

        1. re: benjamin_rosen

          went to Baru in Kenner and thoroughly enjoyed it. they closed, and the nephew opened his uptown Baru. it was good, but haven't been back. are you looking for latin or central american, caribbean, spanish or mexican?
          I will say that Iris blew me away w/the seafood dishes I ordered there.

          1. re: benjamin_rosen

            I've had three unsatisfying experiences at Baru, but some people like it I guess. It's still open so evidently people do go there.

            Rio Mar is one thousand times better for similar style food - ceviches, whole fish, Latin flavors, etc.

            1. re: benjamin_rosen

              Just about everywhere in New Orleans has some kind of seafood on the menu. Anywhere that has fried seafood should also be able to prepare it broiled or grilled or what have you. Seafood is a big category, but these are the places that come to mind.

              For fried seafood: Bozo's, Middendorf's, Mandina's, Casamento's, R&O
              Raw oysters: Acme, Casamento's, Bozo's
              Fried seafood poboys: Parkway, Mandina's, Domilese's, R&O
              Classic Creole seafood entrees: Galatoire's, Clancy's, Commander's, Vizard's
              Spanish tapas/ceviche: Rio Mar (better than Baru by a long shot)

              1. re: benjamin_rosen

                if quintessential is your aim, id try Galatoire's for lunch -- start w/ some Oysters Rockefeller then get the Poisson Meuniere Amandine, which is usually trout crusted in almonds then lightly sauteed in a brown butter lemon sauce and covered in a mountain of lump and jumbo lump crab. thats a mainstay new orleans local seafood dish

              2. re: edible complex

                When is Sid-Mar's supposed to re-open? That is great news. We are planning to finally get back to NOLA in the spring and would love to pay a visit to Sid-Mar's (among 20 or 30 NOLA eateries that we love).

                1. re: Bob W

                  My uncle lives right down the block from there, said the sign said opening soon, so I would imagine by the time spring rolls around, it would be open

                  1. re: roro1831

                    Sweet. Since we'll have our twins on this trip (age 5), Sid-Mar's is exactly the kind of place we'll be looking for.

                  2. re: Bob W

                    when I called last week, they said in a couple of weeks!

                2. The original comment has been removed
                  1. Galatoire's prepares some of the best fish I've ever tasted.

                    1. Best seafood in town (non-fried variety) IMHO is GW Fins in the Quarter.Enjoy

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                      1. re: rockbound

                        Oops, I missed this, when I commented that they had not been mentioned yet. Sorry, but you beat me to the punch. Guess I should have said that "I second GW Fins... "

                        We've dined there a number of times and all have been very good to excellent. Not one mediocre meal in the bunch. Though I am a native of the environs, and my wife a native of NOLA, they have introduced us to some local seafood that we just did not know existed, like LA stone crabs! We ate them in Florida, and did not know that they even existed in LA waters!

                        Has GW Fins been the best of any one dish? No, but as I stated earlier, most of those are now gone, so the point is moot.

                        Thanks for getting in first with this rec.