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Dec 8, 2009 02:50 PM

Favorite Roasted Brussels Sprout Recipe

I have tons of brussels sprouts. I have a couple stand-by ones I use, but wanted to get some new ideas for seasoning and such. The one key is it must not have bacon (or any meat) and it must be healthy!

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  1. As long as you consider butter healthy, the best I know is to parboil them, wrap them in buttered parchment paper, and roast them until they caramelize. The sugars in them will turn a gooey/crispy brown when they are done. No seasonings necessary.

    1. these are always a *huge* hit at my table. if you don't want to bother with the shredded ones, no biggie - just use all whole, halved, quartered...whatever you prefer.

      1. A friend recently served me a Brussels sprouts slaw with a lemony, non-mayo dressing that was really good. I don't have the recipe, but I see quite a few on-line that look close.

        1. for the holidays, we half them and cook them up with butter, sea salt, lots of fresh pepper and then we throw in some maple syrup..not the fake kind..carmelized things of beauty..

          1. OK, what I do isn't cheap but it tastes amazing. I just halve them, toss with salt and pepper and olive oil and roast them at 425 until they are done, then drizzle with real balsamic vinegar from Modena (I received a bottle as a gift that I think would cost over $100, and just a light drizzle does the trick).

            Garnish with a bit of minced parsley or thyme or even sage.

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              My favorite is similar to this. I halve them, then throw them cut side down into a pan with about 1 T butter until they brown a little bit. Season with salt and pepper and a good glug of balsamic and toss everything around, then throw into a hot oven until they're just done (I like a little bite to them, but it's to your taste). I've converted many a sprouts hater.

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                Mine is very similar, too. But I add some thin sliced garlic cloves to the mix. I don't use the balsamic but I sprinkle them with a handful of shredded parmesan cheese when they come out of the oven.