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Dec 8, 2009 01:18 PM

Hip and delicious kosher?! In Miami/South Beach.

I will be in Miami on a "girls getaway". My friend is kosher (I am not). I want to make sure we get to some really fun places, as she will be on break from 4 kids. Any suggestions would be appreciated. The only other thing that I can think of is seeing if I could persuade a regular place to cater-in a kosher airplane style meal.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. How observant is she? The best options are probably Rare Steakhouse and Prime Sushi on 41st.

    The strip on 41st street is where most kosher activity is on Miami Beach. It's about 2 miles north of South Beach.

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      Prime Sushi is anything but hip. We were in Miami recently and tried to go there- the place was full of families with children. VERY expensive menu and the food didn't even look so great. Ended up walking out.

      What about Seventeen in South Beach? (used to be called Tea for Two). Nice for a dinner out, then you can go to nearby Lincoln Road and walk around.

      We liked the Gourmet Carrot- it's a meat restaurant in South Beach. Not a typical steak and potatoes place, but salads, sandwiches, and wraps. Not super expensive either- we went for lunch and it was reasonable. Lots of the items on the menu are vegetarian. I had a salad with a grilled portobello mushroom. A good place if you want the South Beach 'eating under huge umbrellas' experience.

      Other places... Thai Treat.. not the hippest of places but Glatt kosher Thai and Indian food. Could be a good place if your friend doesn't have access to those cuisines where she lives. The decor was nice and the place wasn't full of screaming kids. There's also a kosher Israeli shwarma/falafel place in South Beach, within walking distance of the beach.

      I've heard great things about Rare, but I haven't been there. We looked at the menu online, looked excellent, kind of like Mike's Bistro. Expensive though...

    2. Been to Rare - it's okay but you have families there as well. At the Shops at the Waterways in Aventura there're a lot of kosher restaurants.

      1. Pita Loca is a small Israeli whole-in-the-wall at 6th, a block from the beach. It's probably considered hip in Brooklyn, but not in south beach. Either way, the food is good for what it is and you can go around the corner and sip drinks while sitting across the street from the ocean.

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          i second 17... not super super hip but very good food, nice place to sit and great ambience- was very happy there and the owner works really hard to please.
          i would alos check out cinne citta.. hip and great too but not on south beach.

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            I forgot about Cinne Citta... friends were there last week. They liked the dairy restaurant, said the new meat restaurant was expensive and just ok.

        2. You may considering calling various nice restaurants and seeing if they can make a meal for your friend to be taken to nonkosher restaurants (and checking to see if the nonkosher restaurant will warm it up). If it's double wrapped to be baked or to be served cold (like a salad), this is a viable option. I did this once in Las Vegas and it worked well.

          1. Thanks to all of you. I will check these suggestions out...of course, if anyone comes across and additional ideas, I would be pleased to hear about them.

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              In south beach, I believe on 5th street try Pita Loco, don't expect ambiance, but standing in the street can be fun. Excellent food, certified Kosher. an experience not to be missed. Tasti D on Royal Palm Ave, right off Art Godfrey Rd is great from lunch - salads, shakes, cafe. Enjoy, enjoy !