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Dec 8, 2009 01:10 PM

Anniversary and Christmas in Scottsdale

I have never been to Scottsdale but plan to be in town for four days, staying at the Phonecian. Will be there for our weding anniversary on Christmas Eve and on Christmas day as well. I have booked Binkleys for 12/24---Is this a good choice? I have also noted favorable reviews for T Cooks, The Misssion, Zinc Bistro, Kai, Petite Maison, etc. We love to eat wonderful food and are open to most suggestions aside from sushi. We would also prefer a beautiful and/or fun atmosphere so that our eveings will be special. We would greatly appreciate ANY advice or suggestions.

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  1. Binkley's is an excellent choice and I'm betting that the X-mas Eve dinner will be outstanding.

    I had a downright awful experience at T. Cooks last X-mas Day. Horrible food ( almost seemed like hotel banquet food ), horrible service, and an extremely long wait despite holding a reservation. I've read all the wonderful reviews of this place but I probably won't ever go back.

    Zinc Bistro, to me, is just OK. Not spectacular. Definitely nowhere near as good as Bouchon in Vegas ( I know it's unfair to compare the two being in different locales but ... ).

    A couple places I'd recommend for your parameters are Cowboy Ciao for a nice atmosphere and good food, Bourbon Steak for a beautiful/modern setting and great food, and Vincent's for an all-around experience.

    1. We usually stay at the Phoenician and J & G Steakhouse is there now which friends said the meal was great..can't imagine a bad meal coming out of a Jean George restaurant!
      Just dined at T. Cooks and it was fabulous..can't imagine a bad meal there but I'm sure it happens..
      Really enjoy Lon's at the Hermosa and Durant's.
      Maybe switch Binkley's to Christmas dinner and T.Cooks for Christmas Eve.

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        OOOhh conflicting thoughts on T Cooks! Just to clarify, (Beach Chick), Are you suggesting that we switch T Cooks to Christmas Eve because I metioned that this day is also our anniversary and you like the setting at T Cooks better for a special occasion than Binkleys? Is T Cooks more the more upscale of the two? I forgot about J & G Steakhouse but will surely consider it as well as Cowboy Ciao mentioned above. I live in South Florida where we too have a Boubon Steak so probably won't opt for that.....Thanks for the help so far!

        1. re: Debbie

          I like the setting better at T.Cooks and was thinking that azbirdie commenting that they had a horrible Xmas meal if its a set menu or buffet, to switch dates.
          Binkley's is really good but its more casual than T. Cooks...haven't been during the holidays.
          I live in San Diego so get out to PHX about 3-4 times a year.
          I love Royal Palms resort and find it extremely charming and, its down the street from the Phoenician and you could probably have the town car that the Phoenician provides for their guests..nominal fee..
          I would celebrate my anniversary at T.Cooks..make reservations tonight and tell them its special anniversary and that you are going to report back on Chowhound!
          They also have a great lounge with piano singer that is fab..
          Happy Anniversary Debbie!

      2. We stayed 5 days at Royal Palms just before Xmas, 2007. It was wonderful and the highlight was our dinner at T Cooks. We were celebrating a special occaision and let them know about it when I made dinner reservations. From the moment we walked in, to the goodbyes as we left, we received wonderful, attentive, personal attention. The food was superb and the setting is specatular.

        Go early, have drinks and wander the grounds and sit in the little hidden gardens with fires glowing. I know that the wonderful pastry chef, Perry, is no longer there, but hopefully you will have the same magical experience we did.


        1. The Phoenician lies on the Phoenix / Scottsdale border and is within Phoenix city limits by a few hundred feet. You can head east a few miles into Old Town Scottsdale or head west a few miles into the Arcadia, Biltmore, and Uptown areas of Phoenix.

          To the west:

          Noca -- Small, sophisticated place with innovative menus. Simply Sunday suppers are always a good value for a prix fixe dinner.

          Petite Maison -- Classic French cooking in an attractive, intimate space.

          These are both within 2 or 3 miles of the Phoenician.

          1. I don't have much to add, except that I could have written your post (minus the anniversary part)... We will be in Scottsdale (from TX) Xmas week and I have made reservations at Petite Maison and Binkley's for Xmas eve as well. Thought that was funny... Something tells me there may be a few of us CHers at Binkleys' that evening!