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Dec 8, 2009 12:45 PM

Staub Lids - rim imperfections?


FIrst post here...

I just bought a Stau 5qt Oval cocotte after a month of research. When I got it home, I inspected it closely - mostly in admiration.

However, if I flip the lid and look at the inner rim surface, there seems to be little "chips" all along the rim. Now I know that imperfections are normal, but this is everywhere along the edge of the rim - hard to describe, but where the interior meets the rim face (seems like the enamel finishes or there's a surface of no enamel?).

Should I return it?


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  1. Hi HalifaxJ,

    While I don't own a Staub yet (waiting for a post-Christmas sale, as before T-giving the ones on Amazon sold out so quickly I was outta luck), I have done extensive reading about them. This certainly sounds atypical. If I were you I would return it.

    Where did you purchase it? It is possible that you may have gotten a "second."

    1. It depends on the size of the chips but if you mean that the edge of the rim looks like plain cast iron, I'd say that's perfectly normal. I have three and they all have some imperfections on the interior of the lip edge - the lip edges fit one inside the other (and so don't actually touch together) so unless the chips are seriously large I don't think it is anything to worry about.

      The imperfections have never bothered me and I'd normally consider myself pretty fussy about these things.

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        I have 3 DO's, different sizes. When I inspect them carefully, they all are kind of rough @ the edges where the black inside meets the color. Some have small knicky spots like this = or == . My point is, They are on the edge of the pot, and the heavy top fits over. There is no way anything is going to pass in or out unless you lift the top.
        That said, if it bothers you, return it. If you can, inspect some others in the store to see how they look. Congrats, by the way you're going to have some cooking fun this winter.
        ... just reread @pass comments... I said the exact same thing... sigh...

      2. Thanks for the replies! It seems to me that most of the staubs have the same thing on the edge - most images I could find online were similar to mine. They're small anyways. It's also on the pot edge...worried a bit of steam might escape?

        Anywyas, made my first dish - chicken in white wine sauce with sauteed carrots, mushrooms, bacon and onions - garlic and herb bouquet to finsih the sauce. All I can say is WOW. I couldn't even pick up the chicken it just fell apart. Next time I won't cook for so long! It tastes amazin gand can't wait to try a pot roast and some local lamb!

        I don't think I'll return it, and just love the way it cooks.

        Looking forward to another piece (right after I get my large All-Clad saute pan - my 10" feels a bit crowded).


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          Yum! What size cocotte did you use? Would you post the recipe
          gulfcoastgal :)

        2. I've had 6-7 of these ovens and they ALL had these little chip looking things on the pot's rim. So did all the ones I saw at Williams Sonoma and the ones Bloomies had. I wound up selling them and went with Le Creuset. Not for that problem as i didn't consider it such, but because I preferred the lighter interior. That said, there were some photos posted by someone who did have some rust on their rim on a new Staub oven. I kept a small one that has that same thing going on on the rim, and have had no problems with it.