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Dec 8, 2009 12:21 PM

Best place for an "Over the top or Exotic" cake for the holidays

Looking for a place with some truly great over the top confections- preferably layer cakes or something high. As the Christmas hoiday approaches, I want to get something special this year. For those who regularly read my posts, this is always my job for the holidays and my family looks forward to the cake that I select for our holidays. I have had some great success in the past with Financier, Two Little Red Hens, Bouchon Bakery, and most recently Blackhound.

However, I am tired of the usual stuff- chocolate, praline, caramel. I don't really want another foo foo French pastry or boring chocolate and vanilla cake. I want something that is different while also decadent and really a work of art! Something that you can't get anywhere else. A real treat! Where oh where can I find this? Who has the best layer cakes? Most imaginative? Different flavors?

One cake that caught my eye was the Banana Mille-feuille that Lady M offers. It looks outrageous! I love the presentation and I absolutely loveeeeeee banana cream pie. This seems to be a more gourmet take on it and it is like 4 feet high! Only thing is I don't know if the rest of the family cares for bananas much.

I remember last year Two Little Red Hens was doing an Egg Nog Cake. Maybe they are doing it again. I decided on their Pistachio cake last year and it was incredible! I know there are tons on here who love to talk about desserts and can contribute a lot of knowledge so your help would be immensely titanically greatly appreciated!!

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  1. A place like this would do in New York whoa love it.

    1. Ordered cupcakes for a work event from Sugar Sweet Sunshine and they were very nice and the pistachio ones were fantastic -- I'd call and see if they are doing anything fun for the holiday.

      Have also heard that Baked in Red Hook does some interesting cakes including salted caramel. If you can get there.

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        Baked is terrific! They will deliver. Two little Red Hens does a good job too.

      2. What about a croquembouche? They are dramatic and not too fussy. I believe City Bakery makes them.

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          Ceci Cela in Soho also offers croquembouche.

          Bouley Bakery in Tribeca offers the Montebello cake - puff pastry with pistachio cream and fresh raspberries. It's unusual and really delicious and has that holiday red and green color theme going on.

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            Hmm.. that Montebello cake sounds amazing. Is it a high cake? Trying to find some pics online. Croquembouche sounds interesing as well. Basically a bunch of profiteroles stacked up on each other huh?

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              The Montebello is about 4 inches high I think (can't remember since the raspberries add some height.). It is a round cake but they also sell it as a thinner tart - here's a pic from a Flickr set of another Bouley-owned restaurant:


              Yeah croquembouche is trypically a high stack of profiteroles filled with some sort of cream and laced with spun sugar. Dramatic for sure, though transporting it from the bakery to your house might be a bit nerve wracking.

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                For croquembouche, you want a pyramidal or topiary effect. I'm planning on making my own this year and filling the gaps with flowering branches and poinsettias.

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                  momofuku milk bar has cakes. i have only eaten the pies and cookies but am sure their cakes are inventive, tasty and a bit irreverent if that works for you. you might even consider one of the wedding cakes (no fondant in sight) if you really want to make a splash.

                  chocolate chip cake – passion fruit curd, chocolate crumbs, coffee buttercream

                  banana cake* – banana cream, hazelnut crunch, gianduja fudge
                  chocolate malt cake – malt fudge, malted milk crumbs, charred marshmallows

                  carrot cake – cheesecake filling, milk crumbs, streusel buttercream

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                    Thanks snacks. I have had several of the cakes from MMB. Pistachio, Chocolate Chip, Banana, Dulche de Leche. They just don't do it for me. I think their cookies are their best product. Thanks neway.

          2. Forgot to mention - I believe Soutine accepts orders for English Trifle.

            1. There's the 7 layer chocolate cake that Strip House uses. I recall the bakery has been identified, if you google for it.

              There's also the German Chocolate cake from Make my Cake in Harlem.

              These look interesting, if they weren't mini.

              The Momo MIlk Bar cakes are pretty outrageous - and really, if you want absurd cakes, just check out some of the cheesy places that specialize in birthday cakes shaped like special objects. I know Cake Man Raven has done a Brooklyn Bridge cake in the past. I'm sure it was a small fortune.

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                Yeah you can order Strip House cake for $100 at Neiman Marcus. Insane lol... but it IS insanely delicious also.