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Dec 8, 2009 12:08 PM

chestnuts in myl

Where can i get chestnuts (for roasting) in montreal?

The last 3 times i bought them from Adonis, almizan, and Metro (verdun) they were stale, black on the inside, and moldy respectively.

Does no one roast chestnuts anymore?

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  1. I saw some that looked good at several places in Jean Talon market

    1. Chez Nino and Chez Louis at the Jean Talon Market and Milano in Little Italy are all reliable vendors. Be vigilant when buying from other vendors at the market, however; some bargain chestnuts are anything but.

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      1. re: carswell

        thank you! Is there any at marche atwater?

        1. re: hala

          Have seen them there but never bought them so can't vouch for quality. Maybe someone else will chime in.

      2. Ick - rotten chestnuts sound horrible indeed!

        My advice to you is to always buy fresh produce from places that have a very high turnover... For instance at your Metro in Verdun I find it hard to believe that chestnuts are selling like hotcakes.

        If freshness is an issue - check out some of the farmer's markets in town (e.g. Atwater, Jean Talon). I saw chestnuts at Jean Talon this month, and no doubt they'll continue to be there until they go out of season in the spring. Also there are countless produce stores on Mont-Royal east of the metro which will no doubt be selling them too.

        You may know this, but roasted chestnuts can also be found ready peeled and in vacuum packs. True they are no way near as good, but for certain dishes it can work in a pinch.

        1. There used to be (probably still is there???) a street vendor selling roasted chestnuts on Carré Phillip right in front of La Baie; in the winter.

          He was in a rail steam engine mockup.

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            Yeah, love that chestnut vendor guy! Hope he shows up soon. And on weekends he's at the markets, no?