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Dec 8, 2009 12:00 PM

New restaurant coming into 51 Main space, Maynard, MA

The windows at the old 51 Main space are posted with flyers for the "Halfway Cafe" coming soon. Looks like a burger and beer type of place, but it was night and I couldn't really see much inside. I think there is another Halfway Cafe somewhere around here, but I have never been and don't know anything about it. Anyone else have any idea?

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  1. They are a small chain of 6 restaurants - check out their website:

    Well-run pub restaurants. Should be a nice addition to downtown Maynard.

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      We used to go to the Halfway in Watertown and just checked out the location in Marlborough. We just moved to Maynard last April and we're happy it's coming to town! They have great bar food, but you can also get steak tips or mussels, and the service is usually very good.

    2. We got caught peering in the windows yesterday and a man came out to chat. He informed us they just passed papers, had the locksmith there and are working hard to get open in 6 weeks.

      Figure if they are ready for the Sox opening day that would be craptastic. Steamers and beer for me please.