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Dec 8, 2009 11:46 AM

Betty Fraser's Grub: Grub'bin In a Hollywood Oasis [Breakfast review w/ pics!]

Recently went to Betty Fraser's Grub which was voted #1 for breakfast on Citysearch. They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day so we had to check it out.

Full review formatted with pictures:

Text Review:

Located in the middle of the Hollywood's grimy, old post-production district, Grub is an oasis. The metal fence and garden surrounding the little house on Seward Street. shines with yellow and green accents. The bush archway entrance led us to something like an adult version of Pooh's Hundred Acre Woods. We were having brunch on the patio of the most darling little house in the country.

After we ordered from Grub's extensive brunch menu, some of which includes omelets, sandwiches, scrambles, and pancakes, our waiter brought us a bowl of mixed cereal to munch on. For us, it was all about those little marshmallow Lucky Charms!
San Francisco Roasted Coffee. Nice and dark. We had the "Wicked Weekend Appetizer" for starts. The Spicy Crab and Artichoke Dip ($9.95) had a crusty pepperjack cheese top, which we broke through with the limey, Coriander-dusted tortilla chips. The proportion of crab pieces was very generous and the dip itself was just spicy enough (from the jalapenos) to wake us up that morning.

We each ordered two different Grub Signature Mix-It Up Scrambles. Wes had the Chicken Pesto Sausage, Roasted Onion, Red Pepper and Mozzarella Cheese (13.95).A colorful scramble with a meaty heart of deliciously seasoned chicken. The potatoes were crispy on the outside and so soft and warm on the inside.
Evelina had the Corn, Tomatoes, Fresh Basil and Pepperjack Cheese (10.95). The corn added a sweetness to the runny combination of scramble eggs and pepper jack cheese. The star of this dish was the melted cheese complemented by the basil. Again, potatoes were crispy and well-seasoned.

Comfort food inside a comfortable environment. Grub looks almost to be a mirage amongst the other old, colorless buildings. It's definitely hidden away in Hollywood, but we promise that the search for their brunch is well-worth it.

911 Seward St, Los Angeles, CA 90038

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  1. Nice review. We live close to Grub and have been for breakfast many times. I generally like their food, particularly the breakfast fare. One modest objection is that they don't seem to understand how tea is consumed. (The bring you a big mug of hot water and a tea bag, with no saucer or dish for the used tea bag. Then they always seem really confused when you request a vessel for this purpose.)

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      I'm glad I didn't order tea then. I like how comfortable it feels. I'm trying to make time to head there for lunch for their after school special sandwich.

    2. Wife and I had lunch there today. I had the tuna melt with side salad. She had a bacon sandwich with side salad.

      The bacon sandwich was the clear winner: sweet and seasoned with fennel. Pretty surprising combination of flavors that worked well together.

      My favorite thing about the tuna melt was the sourdough bread and the way they perfectly grilled it. Their sourdough is really tangy.

      The other big winner was the "San Francisco French Roast" coffee. Great, pure coffee flavor.

      We went on a Sunday around 1:30. Had to wait about 20 minutes.

      911 Seward St, Los Angeles, CA 90038