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Dec 8, 2009 11:18 AM

Smoked fish in Chicago

I need to buy someone a gift of smoked fish. My preference is New York Jewish style. I don't have time to ship it in from Murray's or somewhere similar. Does anyone have a recommendation for a great smokehouse in Chicago?

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  1. I've gotten some great Jewish deli style kippered salmon at Fox & Obel, but I'm not sure whether they always have it. They always have a nice variety of smoked fish there; their prices are generally high, but the price on the kippered salmon was actually lower than the delis, last time I got some, earlier this year.

    Other than that, I'd try the local Jewish delis, as follows...

    They usually have some pretty good smoked fish (and a nice selection) at Kaufman's Deli in north suburban Skokie, including lox, nova, and other types.

    I've enjoyed the food I've gotten at Steve's Deli in River North, but I have not tried their smoked fish (although I know they have various kinds). Same thing is true for Schmaltz in west suburban Naperville.

    You can also try the fish markets discussed in the following Chowhound topics, but I'm not sure whether their smoked fish would be in the Jewish deli style you're looking for:

      1. Although it's not a smokehouse, you'll find an excellent selection of "New York Jewish Style" smoked fish at very reasonable prices at Village Market Place in Skokie on Dempster, just west of Crawford. This grocery story specializes in Russian/Balkan Jewish foods. Make sure to look at the smoked fish both behind the deli counter (to the left of the fresh fish), and in a refrigerated section that is across the isle, next to the bread section.

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          FYI, Fresh Farms has pretty much the same selection.

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            F]Calumet Fisheries, 13259 E 95th St., in the far southeastern corner of Chicago has a real smokehouse.


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              but they don't do NY Jewish style smoked fish. Their stuff is delicious though!