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Dec 8, 2009 11:12 AM

Know of a Good Butcher- Silverlake/ Echo Park area?

Mu husband and I just got back from three months living in Florence, and are now addicted to getting our meat daily from local butchers.

Does anybody have any recommendations (that isn't a grocery store chain like Whole Foods or Gelsons) for a good, solid and affordable butcher in the Silverlake/ Echo Park area? Looking for somebody who does all the basics- beef/ pork/ poultry.


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  1. Not at the moment, but McCall's Meat and Fish is set to open on Hillhurst in January.

    1. You know I have been pretty happy with the butcher at Figueroa Produce. Not European but he is willing to do specific cuts and order stuff and now that they are carrying grass fed beef and excellent free range chicken we have been going there alot. They don't carry prime beef though. For that we usually find ourselves at Alexander's, it's a bit of adrive but worth it. They are old school butchers!

      Figueroa Produce Market
      6312 North Figueroa Street Los Angeles, CA 90042-2733 - (323) 255-3663

      Alexanders Choice Meats
      6580 N San Gabriel Blvd, San Gabriel, CA

      1. Why not go to Gelson's? They have real butchers and far better quality than any place else in that neighborhood.

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          Agreed, Gelson's has about the best available meat counter in the area, IMHO.

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            Third Gelson's. There's frankly not a good butcher -- who has good quality meat -- in this area. I'm all for Super King too, but I don't think that's anywhere near the quality the OP is looking for. And Figueroa Produce is a little bit of a haul; if you're willing to go that far, why not go to Whole Foods in Glendale?

        2. If you can skip the basics, you can get a similar Euro experience at the Cheese Store Silverlake. Mostly cured meats though.
          There are two poultry markets on Vermont. One near third and one near Beverly. I don't know the names, maybe someone else knows of them. There are also eggs from live chickens from a house in Echo Park / Silverlake around Coronado Ter. I think. Don't know if they sell birds though.

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            I live in Echo Park, and this is where I shop for meat:

            Save a Lot at 1625 W. Sunset Blvd has a butcher on duty. I bet they would cut something special for you, but I haven’t asked because I've been happily surprised with the quality freshly cut meat in the case. Notably, they have a variety of thin beef cuts that you can't get at other grocery stores. The marinated carne asada is great. I also like how you can buy one fillet of chicken breast for 2 bucks, instead of a whole pack of chicken breasts.

            Little Tokyo Market Place at 333 S. Alameda (not too far from Echo Park if you hop on the freeway) has a great meat department. Likewise, I've never asked them to cut anything, because I've been so happy with what is already in the case. The thinly sliced beef and pork (technically for shabu shabu) are amazing. I use these cuts of meat for lots more than just shabu shabu: sandwiches, stir frys, etc. They also have a terrific seafood department.

            Super King Market on 2716 North San Fernando Road is not too far from Echo Park/Silverlake. I've only just discovered this market. They have a huge meat department, with butchers on duty. I give the marinated kebab meat the thumbs up, but this is all I have tried. Next time I need to talk to a butcher, I'll definitely give this place a try. The insanely huge crowd of aggressive, discerning customers waiting to talk to the butcher tells me this butcher is good. Also, I agree that Super King has what is considered one of the best deli counters in Los Angeles: great deli products at great prices.

            I also like Food 4 Less at 5420 Sunset Blvd. There isn’t a meat counter, so you have to catch a butcher out in the aisle. Last Christmas I was pleased with the crown pork roast I had them cut for me, especially after I compared the price to Gelson’s. The butchers there have always been very helpful to me, guiding me to the perfect beef roast, letting me know what time on what day to show up to buy the filet mignon (they don’t have it on the shelf every day.) This store is so busy that the high turnover guarantees fresh product. Hey, it’s Ralph’s meat, just way cheaper.

            Gelson’s is my last choice. I always check the meat department out, see the prices, and then go elsewhere. I have bought from Gelson’s so infrequently that I do not even have an opinion.

            Of course, the two butchers and the poultry guy at the Farmer’s Market on third and Fairfax are great, but they are not convenient if you live in Echo Park.

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              I don't believe the meat, although I shop there too, at Super King is anything like meat sold in Florence, Italy.

              1. re: toitoi

                I'm certain nothing I suggested is similar to what is sold in Europe. But as many on Chow have said, you have to enjoy the abundance LA has to offer, and not try to find something that doesn't exist here.

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                I like Super King fine, but the quality of their meat isn't remotely close to what Gelsons or Whole Foods is selling. Yes, it's cheap, but when was the last time you bought dry-aged steak at Super King? Or Prime? It's a good day when Super King's got Choice in stock--most of their beef is Select. The store in Anaheim has rather better meat.

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                  Yes, but it's Harris Ranch select, so that should account for something.