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Dec 8, 2009 11:08 AM

Brooklyn Heights/Cobble Hill - Restaurant and Bar

Looking for a great low key and fun restaurant/bar combo for a small girls night in the Brooklyn Heights/Cobble Hill area.

Any type food is welcome, just reasonable prices would be great.

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  1. A few thoughts:

    If you're looking for a relaxed beer bar where you can just plunk down, enjoy some quite good pub food, sample some excellent beers, and enjoy each other's company, I'd suggest Waterfront Ale House on Atlantic. You can either stay there the whole night, or head to any one of a number of nearby bars after dinner (e.g. Floyd, No exit, and a bit further east, Brazen Head).

    For Mexican with margaritas, I'd send you to Mezcal's on Atlantic, Lobos on Court Street, or, for a somewhat more upscale feel at a higher price, Alma. The food at all three places is just okay, but they're good spots for enjoying margaritas with friends. Alma has great city views too. (Others may disagree, but in my opinion, Alma has the best vibe of the three and possibly the worst food.)

    Bocca Lupo is a great wine bar on Henry Street. Great wine, small plates, slick modern look, that type of thing. I haven't been in awhile, so I'd check to see if their current pricing is in your range.

    Another thought: BYO to Waterfalls (Lebanese) on Atlantic Ave. Very reasonably priced, delicious middle eastern food. Then move on to one of the Atlantic Avenue bars mentioned above.

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    1. re: Thissteaks4you

      I think he hit most of them. Love Waterfront, but don't think its a great group hang out place, though good pub food and beer selections.

      I think Bocca Lupo, which was suggested is probably the way to go. Very nice wine selcetion with a few, well selected beers. Very nice Italian small plates.

      Henry Public, which is a new bar owned by the Brooklyn Social people, may also be a good choice. Very well made cocktails in a turn of the century style room. That being said, menu is limited and it can get very crowded. Probably need to be there by 7 to not have a wait.

      1. re: Thissteaks4you

        Agree that Bocca Lupo sounds like the place for dinner, particularly if small plates appeals to you. If you like the vibe, stay for drinks (though the bar area is not exactly spacious), or go up the road to Henry Public or Atlantic Ave places as mentioned above. Note that there's often a wait at Bocca Lupo.

        Also - you should know that Bocca Lupo is quite child-friendly, and (particularly during the early part of the dinner hour) is often the boite of choice for families that include small children. I'm not saying that as a negative or value judgment - on the contrary, we go there often with our kids and love that there's a "nice" place that is kid- and family-friendly that also has great grownup food - but if it's the sort of girls night that includes wanting to get away from the kids for an evening, you should know that going in.

        Alma would be my next choice for you. Very good mex food and drink, and a fun bar area downstairs that you can wait and imbibe while you wait for a table (which is likely). I like Lobo's food just fine (particularly the wings and Chipotle salsa as I've mentioned before in this forum), but to be fair Lobo does not belong in the same sentence as Alma, Alma's is a different league entirely. Also farther down in CG, Columbia and DeGraw.

        Cafe on Clinton is also a nice homey place for a solid (if uninspired) meal at a fair price, though the service when we went last night was atrocious.

        187 Columbia St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

        Bocca Lupo
        391 Henry St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

        Cafe on Clinton
        268 Clinton St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

      2. Bocca Lupo and Henry Street are the best. Mezcal is gross, Tex Mex slop.

        1. This is certainly not the most bang for the buck on this thread, but it is worth it, imo:

          333 Henry at Pacific (stone's throw from Bocca Lupo)

          Great sushi, phenomenal homemade tofu, and inventive Japanese food with a very hip staff in a cool setting.

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          1. re: lazylghtng

            Hibino is a great restaurant. But, don't think it is the restaurant/bar combo the OP is looking for.

            1. re: jdf

              You are so right -- I totally misread the post. I vote Henry Public>Hibino in lieu of one-stop shopping, then!

          2. What about char no 4 on smith st? haven't been but i hear great things.

            Also, if you're willing to go a little ways, prime meats on court st certainly fits your bill, as the cocktails are great. no farther than alma.

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            1. re: missmasala

              Incidentally, I second both of those - they're quite good -- if they fall within the OP's location and price preferences.

              Both trend towards the high-end in terms of cost. And, I disagree re: Prime Meats being no farther afield than Alma from the OP's criteria; Prime Meats is well into Carroll Gardens (maybe 10 blocks south of DeGraw?) and further from Cobble Hill than Alma - which is a block into red hook (i.e. a block west of the BQE, the dividing line between Cobble Hill and Red Hook).

              For what it's worth, if you're willing to venture that far into Carroll Gardens and consider Prime Meats reasonably priced (I consider it a splurge), I'd send you to Frankie's 457 before Prime Meats. They're on the same block, under the same ownership, and have the same pricing, but the food at Frankie's (which is Italian) is far more consistently good than Prime Meats (which is German). The quality of the wine lists and the overall, dimly lit style of the places are very similar. Note: last I checked, neither takes reservations and, depending on the night, can have long waits.

              1. re: Thissteaks4you

                I didn't recommend Frankie's because their seating (now that it's too cold for the garden) isn't as good as Prime Meats--esp if you can get one of Prime Meat's booths. Tho the food is better at frankie's in general. (i like the burger at Prime)
                But come to think of it, the no reservations thing would make me rethink my rec if they are more than 4.

            2. I'd venture a little east on Atlantic Ave. and go to Downtown Atlantic. Very good burgers, fish and chips and some more ambitious dishes. It has tables that can accommodate a groups and you can spend time there without feeling rushed.

              Downtown Atlantic
              364 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217