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Dec 8, 2009 10:55 AM

Creations Dining Room - Edmonton

I noticed Where Magazine listed it as one of Canada's best new restaurants. Has anybody tried it yet?

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  1. No, but there was a good review of it in the Journal last week also. My office has decided to go there some day next week for our xmas lunch. I'll report back.

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      we will have to keep a list, it looks like there are a few new places we can try for our ROTM.

      I also recently came across a place called The Bothy. Their focus is wine and whiskey bar with charcuterie and cheeses and smaller plates. Sounds really interested. Website just getting finished

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        I am going to try out The Bothy tomorrow at lunch and if I do, will post. Was going to head there today but the "only here for the food" blog indicated that they open for dinner on Tuesdays but lunch as well the other days.

        Could not convince my "better half" to head up and try the Guru so ended up nursing my cold and avoiding the cold by staying in bed and having some chicken noodle soup...would have preferred lamb popsicles done in the tandoor myself with a spicey curry to clear my chest.....

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          The Bothy is finally open! Great. I tried to go there for a drink about 2 weeks ago and it wasn't then, and last time I drove by it was dark but that was a Monday night.

          Have to go to Bin 104 today after work, so may drop in.

    2. Creations probably ranks in my top 2 of lousiest restaurant experiences ever. Myself and 7 friends went went on October 4(a couple weeks before their official grand opening). Nearly every level of service was screwed from beginning to end. Here are some Cole's notes of our night out:

      1. Drinks: We started with our drink order - pops and a few cocktails. Two of my friends ordered mojitos. It took 15 minutes to get back to us. The waitress, highly unprofessional the whole night, started with this gem: "Ughh the bartender decided not to show up tonight and I don't know how to make a mojito". "Ok, ask your manager" we reply. 10 minutes later our drinks come. The mojitos are missing any sugar/syrup in them and taste god awful. They brought us two more that were decent. After 25 minutes and all the hassle of ordering a simple cocktail, they still ended up on the bill.

      2. Order time - We all placed our orders. Myself and one other person each ordered 1 bottle of wine. She didn't write any of this down, so already I was worried. Five minutes later she comes back and asks my wife again what she ordered. After that the manager comes to tell us that they don't have the wine my friend ordered in. Ok, he chooses another. Five minutes later (a total of ten since we ordered), the waitress asks me now what I ordered. I ordered the veal, she put in scallops. Great, looks like a long night. Then she tells me they don't have the wine I ordered and they never will stock it. I'm like "Why is it one the menu?" I order another wine. Still keeping my cool, but this is getting ridiculous.

      3. Eating - When the food finally arrived, it was generally OK. Very reminiscent of Sawmill/Generic chain type food. Nothing special or original anywhere. My potatoes were overcooked and the scallop portions for the others was pretty weak given the price.

      4. Dessert - Easily the weakest creme brulee I've ever had. It was extremely grainy (likely over cooked) and didn't have that smooth custard taste. My wife's chocolate dessert was good though.

      5. The topper - When the bill came, there obviously was the required gratuity added to it (8 person party, 18%) that they did not earn at all. What a joke. Then three minutes after we paid, the fire alarm went off and we were booted out.

      Thanks Creations. But the "best new restaurant" award issued to you today was far from deserved.

      Note: I fully understand that they may of had some opening/new restaurant jitters and kinks to work out, but this was ridiculous.

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      1. re: jonproject

        I don't think a mojito is a "simple cocktail".

        1. re: hsk

          Actually it's pretty damn simple:
          * White Rum
          * Fresh lime juice
          * Sprigs of Mint
          * Sugar
          * Soda Water

          Maybe not as easy as a "Rum & Coke", but 'cmon. Argument over simplicity aside, it's still a STANDARD cocktail. I'm not ordering something obscure or complicated here.

      2. Went to Creations for dinner on Saturday night. A very odd experience. Food ranged from great (ginger and cantalope soup) to horrible (unseasoned chicken tender with chocolate sauce, as part of the Valentine's Day sharing platter...or so the menu said. but meals actually came on separate plares, not a platter).

        'Platter' also included beef tenderloin and lamb tenderloin, both of which were OK but nothing like the menu said...nowhere was a rhubard compote mentioned but it as probably the best thing on the plate.

        Appetizer "platter", again, 2 separate plates, included what they said was ahi tuna ceviche but was thinly sliced dry cured tuna.

        Service...if I wasn't paying $200 for this meal, I could have laughed it off. I probably don't need to say any more than I have never seen a server take my dirty knife off my appetizer plate and carefully place it back in its position on the table for the next course... but I can't not mention the amount of fingerprints on the wine glasses - absolutely disgusting. Many more faux pas, but why bother mentioning was so pathically bad that it was surreal..we just kept marvelling at every silly screwup.

        To add to the horrors, our table was way to small (might have been OK if when wine glasses for 2nd course were delivered, and wine poured, they would have removed the empty wine glasses from first course) and it was unreasonably cold, to the point that they actually moved a table of elderly people closer to the fireplace.

        Overall, an absolutely horrible experience. Wife and I agreed the food was probably about 6.5 out of 10, but service, atmosphere and attention to detail were so laughably bad that no matter how good the food was it wouldn't have saved the evening.

        By far one of the worst dining experiences I have had recently.

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        1. re: Dan G

          Whoa I don't think I've seen a negative review from you before, it must have been really bad. It's sad that the service at Creations is that bad. The Sawridge hotel in Fort McMurray (the original) has pretty good service (a shock in that labour market) although the food can be inconsistent.

        2. Needing to find a place to take a coworker who is leaving, we ended up at Creations (my first two choices couldn't handle the 11 tops when we wanted to go). We were placed in a private room that was warm, and perfect for this event. There was no one else in the restaurant (and only two tables occupied when we walked out a few hours later).

          The food was a mix, but generally good. I really liked the Elk Tenderloin on my Duo of Tenderloin plate, but found the lamb overwhelmed by cherry chutney. Most dishes seemed to come with broccoli and beets for sides and barley for the starch. My coworkers, who are more used to eating at Moxie's, seemed to enjoy the experience but found their cost to size ratio very disappointing. With 11 diners, I figured we'd have conquered most of the menu, but unfortunately 2 of the options (Malaysian Chicken & Steak Chantrelle) were ordered by 6 people.

          Service was hit or miss, but this actually worked into making the evening more intimate. They were out of the banana bread pudding for dessert, and then forgot to bring out the correct dessert options. Good thing the dessert was comped or it would have made matters worse. The plates looked like they had some thought, and I felt the whole experience oozed Canadiana, so I think I'd go back for something. Yet, I'll stick to the empty dining room, so the server doesn't forget about us.

          *The server was actually over the top with the 18% gratuity, as he mentioned twice that we didn't have to tip him.


          1. i had 2 experiences there... both were breakfast. the first one was menu service and i have to say the wild mushroom eggs benedict were delicious. the service was awkward but we didn't really care that much.

            the second time we tried the breakfast buffet, which to be honest wasn't that great. a few decent things but overall it was mediocre.

            i want to try it for dinner but i'm not feeling too encouraged by the reviews here so far.