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Dec 8, 2009 10:05 AM

4th Ave and 9th St [BK] Taco Stand, any reports?

This taco stand seems to do a decent evening rush hour business but i couldnt find much in the way of reports or recommendations. Does anyone have any experiences they'd be willing to share? Items to avoid or recommend?

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  1. Answered my own question this week on the way back from the train.

    Ordered a huarache (5.50) with carne enchilada and was quite pleasantly supplied. the masa was freshly formed and cooked to order (so i stood in the cold a few minutes) none of the individual components (masa, beans, meat, cheese or sauce) were thoroughly outstanding but i thought the synergistic effect was quite pleasant, if not on par with my favorite huaraches. The couple working in the truck were very nice, and the guy spoke passable if limited english (another patron tried to cancel his order because he was in a rush and that just wasnt happening). the spicy salsa verde and crema on top were great - id eat this again without hesitation especially since the convienience factor is super high.

    i wanted to try their al pastor (as did several other customers whose orders i overheard) but they were out. i could easily see going back to give it a shot another time.

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      Hey, tex, that sounds great! Where is the place exactly?

      1. re: parkslopemama

        they park on 4th ave between the exit from the F train overpass and the check cashing place on the west side of the street, the signage may say something like "antojitos tipicos" or possibly tacos tijuana (or maybe both)