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Dec 8, 2009 09:05 AM

Stocking Stuffers

Did a search, but didn't see anything else started. What kind of stuff, whether food or tool, do you have for the stockings?

Christmas is at our house this year for the first time so I'm in charge if the wife's stocking.

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  1. I bought some stuff at World Market today for stockings...I got wax bottles for my brother, jelly beans and the gum we used to chew when we started dating 15 years ago for my hubby,pop rocks for the little salami,chocalte bars, mini hot sauce for starters.

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      Sadly all the World Markets in the Detroit area closed a couple of years ago, but that was my go-to for stocking stuffer tiny foods.

      Last year I went to a local candy store that stocks all the classic stuff and filled hubby and son's stockings with unusual candy.

      If she likes liquor, those little airplane bottles are fun.

      Bed Bath Beyond in the kitchen section has a lot of gadgets, usually on the bottom shelf, that would work--one of the most useful things I bought there looks like a bottle opener but is used to pop the seal on jars so they can be opened. Or a lemon/lime squeezer, microplane, or good spices as another poster mentioned.

      Penzeys is doing a box of four spices for about $7 as a stocking stuffer special.

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        Penzey's box has granulated garlic, pepper, mural of flavor seasoning and their new cinnamon blend. All in the small glass jars (1/4 cup is what they call them) for $7.95 until Dec. 31st (then the price goes up). This was a hit for our office Under $10 gift exchange and I got a few more for my sister and 2 friends.

        Wine bottle stoppers are fun, as are decorating tips, fondant tools, pastry bags, paste food colors (can you tell I need to update my cake decorating kit?)

        A little box of good, expensive chocolate (or whatever candy she likes) will not go unappreciated.

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          Just an FYI that the World Market in Ann Arbor is still in business, if that interests you.

      2. Foodwise, we always got an orange, a bag of pistachios and chocolates--either gold coins or kisses. As we got older, the chocolate quality got better :)

        One year, I put in little airplane bottles of favorite or unusual liquers and spirits.

        I always like some marzipan--rather have Neideregger plain or chocolate than the cute painted ones, which usually aren't very good tasting.

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          Neideregger enrobed in dark chocolate is FABULOUS! I just made my way through a large bar of it over the past few weeks. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Is that pretty universally accepted as marzipan of choice? LOVE IT!

          On our local board, several posters have alerted us to gift certificates at local favorite restaurants offering $100 certificates for $50/$50 for $25 and have noted that some will make their way into stockings. Really nice idea. If you haven't noticed similar promos in your local area, would do the trick.

          1. Traditionally my grandparents would put shell on nuts, an orange and some candy in our stockings.

            This year I'm making a trip to Formaggio Kitchen for some jam, chocolate, and honey. Mike's for marzipan and Burdicks' for caramels and chocolate.

            Usually my mother gives my SIL and I various kitchen utensils (spatulas, scoops, etc.)

            1. Toblerone (it's a tradition), one of those chocolates that look like an orange, Tim Tams (reminding of our great trip to Australia two years ago), the Bobby Flay covered BBQ sauce container with the brush built into the lid (got it at Kohls), a good Henkels paring knife. Previous Christmases have had microplane graters, a nutmeg grater with a whole nutmeg, a bottle of truffle oil, poultry shears, cheese spreaders in various kitchy themes, you get the idea....