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Dec 8, 2009 08:48 AM

Canmore - wedding

We are thinking about having our wedding reception in Canmore next year for a very small number of people (20). We've been to the Crazyweed once and really enjoyed it but browsing CH there are mixed reviews lately. Any suggestions on other venues or thoughts on having it at the Crazyweed?


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  1. Not sure if you need lodging in Canmore too, but if you do some of the smaller inns may offer you a good lodging and meal combination. A friend had their wedding at the Bear & Bison Inn in October, and had the entire lodge for their wedding party (there are 10 rooms if I remember correctly). Breakfast was served each morning, lunch baskets were provided midday, and dinner was served after the ceremony. It felt like having a large log home all to ourselves, but without having to cook. The mountain view was great, most of the rooms had fireplaces, jet tubs, and balconies, and the food quality was very good.

    1. Tapas will host private party and the Paint Box Lodge located right next door is remarkable if you need lodging. The lodge has another building backing onto the river with an amazing honeymoon suit!!!!!
      The Piant Box will also allow you to cater a party/dinner in the lower great room if you wanted another option as well.
      Very similar to the Bear and Bison, however right in DT Canmore compared to the north side of the hiway.

      1. What about Quarry Bistro or the Trough?

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          Unfortunately, Quarry's now closed. The owners sold it a few months ago.

          Crazyweed is a great idea. But 20 people may be too small of a group if you were thinking of having the entire restaurant for the entire evening. I suppose they could portion off a section of the restaurant for your party. I was there this past weekend and both the service and food were excellent as usual.

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            Oh no! Quarry was my favourite for brunch. Is there something else there now?

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              Nothing as of yet. I'm hoping that the buyer will give the space another chance as a restaurant - it's a nice space at a great location.

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              NOOOOOO! My favourite place in Canmore- best frites I've had in Canada!

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                20 people would fit quite nicely in the front of crazyweed, which gives you access to the bar and the patio. the back of the restaurant would probably still be open to the public but they have extremely reasonable(50-75 ish per head depending on number of courses, etc) set menus and corkage. we had our staff christmas party in the front last year and it was absolutely delightful, food was spectacular and service was friendly and extremely helpful.