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Fresh Fish in LA

Hiya gang, this being my first post I hope I don't disappoint! Are there any good fishmongers in the LA area? I just moved here and I'm still learning my way around the city. Anywhere I can get some quality fish, as fresh as possible?

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  1. Where do you live? it will be easier to give recommendations if we have that information.

      1. I have been very pleased with the fish from Gelson's in Century City. Consistently better than Santa Monica Seafood or Whole Foods. They cut the fish to the size requested without trying to sell you more and they trim it to get you the cut you want.

        1. Your profile indicates a Weho location, so go to the Gelsons on SM Blvd. and ask when they get their fish delivered, and buy accordingly. While it may be a smaller store than the previously recommended one in Century City, convenience still wins at some times, and knowing the timing will surely help you make your decision.

          1. if you're in WeHo you're comparatively near Koreatown, where supermarket sell good seafood. I go to the one at the Galleria mall (downstairs) on Olympic & Western, mostly because it is the closest to where I live. I'm pretty happy with what they offer.

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              Hey bad...

              I shop that store often especially for produce... but have shied away from fish because it's all not cleaned. Will they clean and bone it for you if you ask?

              I will say I've bought lobster there a lot. Always $9.99 a pound. You can't find better anywhere.

              1. re: Jennalynn

                Sorry, I hadn't seen your question. Yes they clean and prep for you, they scale and gut but they don't de-bone or fillet (that I know of). They have sushi-grade halibut, salmon and tuna in the refrigerated case on the left where you can get clams, fish roe, shrimps, etc.

                you can get interesting deals in the frozen food section on filleted fish, clean squid, fish roe, etc. if you want to make fish soup or fish terrine or anything that's not too delicate.

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                  I've bought a lot from the frozen section. All good for soups or stews!

                  And I've bought lobster and other shellfish... just never saw any cleaning of the fin fish so I was wary. Good to know!

            2. J & P West Coast Seafood sells high quality seafood from pedestrian looking trucks at several farmers' markets in the LA area. Pete Siracusa sells fresh, often wild-caught seafood. Prices are fair in light of the quality. He often has sushi-grade ahi, yellowtail, opa and ono.

              Pete or one of his employees are at farmers' markets in Cerritos (Saturdays), Long Beach (Sundays) and Redondo Beach (Thursdays). I am not sure of the days but they also sell at farmers' markets in Culver City, Hollywood, Pasadena and West Hollywood.

              1. I don't know all the facts, but in San Pedro around 22nd street you can get fresh fish from one of the whole-sellers.You need to be their at around 4:00 am

                1. I've been happy with what I've bought from Dry Dock Seafood at the South Pas Farmer's Market; they sell at several others as well. If you look them up on the Internet you can subscribe to their weekly email bulletins, and in many cases pre-order fish to pick up from one of their FM stands. They've started curing their own lox from wild-caught salmon, and I bought about a quarter-pound - I believe it was around $7 - that was very good.

                  1. Wow, thanks for all the suggestions! I live in WeHo, on LaBrea and Santa Monica. I don't mind traveling to get quality fish, though.

                    1. I've been happy with Fish King in Glendale. Great quality for a lot less than what I have to pay
                      on the Westside.

                      1. Yeah, I live on the West side and have stopped eating fish, basically. Seafood is really my favorite.
                        I go to the Japanese markets but their offerings are limited.
                        The rest of the places here sell very expensive and very average fish. I love how places like SM Seafood fill up with people. Don't these people have taste buds?

                        I'll have to make more use of the Korean markets.

                        1. For fresh clams, oysters, sea urchins, and more a trip to Redondo Beach's Quality Seafood is a must. They will even cook them up for you.

                          Quality Seafood
                          130 International Boardwalk, Redondo Beach, CA

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                            Ditto, but for lobsters (Pacific and Maine) they are a tad expensive. Can't beat the quality, though, and those urchins are great.

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                              So in that vein (lobster), where's the best place to pick up some good quality and tasty tails - Aussie or otherwise - (to prepare ourselves). Naturally, have tried Costco and gelson's in the past and while Costco saves $$, I was never crazy about the flavor. Can someone tell me if any of the Ranch 99 locations might sell decent priced and succulent tails?

                              Any other suggestions on where to look (without breaking the bank).

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                                I've been looking into various Maine online lobster sources. A bit pricey but going ahead with it.

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                                  Any lobster news to report for us epop??????????? Think of it for New years Eve,,,

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                                    I've bought it at 99 Ranch, but caveat emptor. You must pick your own and don't be afraid to be vocal about it. I know I sound like a jerk of a New Yorker when I say it, but someone is going to get the crappy quality and it's your job to make sure that person isn't you.

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                                      Yes sir at Ranch 99 I do get all Brooklyn with some of the countermen there. They rather scale and bag then filet or even chop. But being where I am from I have no problem with cajoling out of them what I need done. The lobster went from $10.99 per lb to $14.99 for the christmas rush I guess... Saw a guy buy a nice looking 3 pound Maine female (female for the roe I was told) last week there and it's very, very tempting not to go score a couple of 'em for me and my girl for New Years Eve!!!! It's just these prices and quality on this coast are wild. I mean ain't that an ocean down the road from me or are we just a wee bit late getting out here... Talapia anyone????

                                      1. re: winstars

                                        All you can get in these waters are spiny lobsters.

                                        Which oddly I've never seen in a shop anywhere in LA.

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                                      I won't be ordering it for a while... Will report when I do.

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                                        What about Fish King in Glendale?

                                        1. re: Ideefixed

                                          Lobster is not their strong suit, and it's expensive.

                              2. You can get reasonably priced fresh fish at Bangkok Market on Melrose. Or at the various 99 Ranch Markets around (they will even prep it for you).

                                1. Seafood Paradise in Rosemead is the best value/quality retail market in greater LA.

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                                  1. I like Gordon's Fish on Pico near Doheny. There is also a little fish store on Fairfax north of Beverly that is very reasonable and fresh. Neither carry shell fish.