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Dec 8, 2009 08:36 AM

Quintessential Philly Restaurant

Looking for some help from some fellow Chowhounders out there. I am planning a client dinner in Philly next week and this will be the client's first visit to Philadelphia. My usual go to is Osteria, but I thought I might ask for some suggestions as to any restaurants that might be "Quintessentially Philly." I'm looking for something a bit higher end that really gives you the feeling that you are in Philly. I was thinking Water Works, but it has been hit or miss in my experience. Any thoughts on Nineteen? All suggestions are welcome.

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  1. Why not Le Bec Fin? Great reviews and more affordable since they gave back the stars and service remains extraordinary!

    1. What about the Oyster House? Would it be upscale enough?

      1. What comes to mind:

        Table 31 in the Comcast Center - for obvious reasons
        Ten Arts, off the lobby in a very nice setting - is it still called Ritz Carlton?
        Yes, Le Bec Fin
        One of the restaurants off Rittenhouse Square, looking out over the square.

        I would not recommend the Oyster House. We used to love it, some years back, but now I won't go there. Food was good, very fast service (in and out in 1/2 hour), and the noisiest din I can remember. It's a shame.

        If they would like tapas, then one of the Jose Garces places.
        We love Bar Ferdinand in Northern Liberties - not upscale, but delicious and in the middle of a Philly "neighborhood."