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Dec 8, 2009 08:11 AM

Dinner in Edmonds area

What are the Chowhounds favorite restaurants for dinner between Edmonds and Northgate? Looking for inventive seafood, steaks, chops etc. for four with differing tastes. Good wine list a plus.

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  1. That stretch is mostly housing, and has strip malls on the main roads. Most of the Chowhound places are sandwich shops or ethnic eats. Nevertheless- In Edmonds, I like Olive's Wine Bar. I also like Arnie's or Anthony's (local chains with great Puget Sound views) for seafod- due to lack of other options and on a whole the restuarants turning out OK quality food (but not inventive). Also, I have heard good things about The Loft and the new restaurant in the Shell Creek space- both in Edmonds.

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      We had a rather nice dinner at the Loft last year, we're hoping to go back soon. Olives always seems to be closed when we're in town.