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Mar 4, 2005 01:17 PM

are there some places you eat @ once a week and what do you order?

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for me it's 2 chicago dogs at carneys (toasted w/ spicy mustard) usually mid week and bandera normally on sunday, usually we get a ceasar w/ light dressing and white meat chick and the prime rib sandwich

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  1. Of late, I have been hitting Annapurna in Culver City at least once a week. It may just be the novelty of not needing to drive down to Artesia to have good, sit down restaurant dosas and other Southern Indian goodies. I love their rava masala dosa and the spring dosa. I seem to be alternating between the two.

    Annapurna Cuisine
    10200 Venice Blvd.
    Culver City

    1. Closest thing to once a week (because I unfortunately don't have the time - long hrs at work!):
      Dim Sum at VIP Harbor Seafood (outstanding pork shu mai are my favorite)
      Mabo Ramen at Asahi on Sawtelle
      Caprese sandwich at Bay Cities on Lincoln.
      Love these places, but thanks to the board, I have been trying lots of new places recently. Thanks all for the outstanding suggestions!!

      1. Fukyo Sushi, usually Thursday or Friday lunch. Omakase.

        Il Grano, Friday or Saturday dinner. Crudo (always) and either risotto or whateveer Sal tells me is good.

        Oceanfront, when we're not at Il Grano. Calimari fritti from the bar menu, and either filet or pork chop.

        Peppone, usually Sunday when Il Grano is closed. Caesar salad or calimari fritti, shrimp fra diavolo or Alfredo.

        The Beach Club, Friday, Saturday or Sunday default. Normally sauteed sand dabs.

        Except for Il Grano these wouldn't be my first choices for going-to-the-same-place-week-in-and-week-out weekend dinners but the 90 year old in-laws are set in their ways.

        1. HAKATA RAMEN, Shinsengumi
          2015 W. Redondo Bch Blvd., #C, Gardena, CA
          Tel: (310)329-1335
          - I've been frequenting Hakata Ramen in Gardena a lot because I work in El Segundo. I usually get the lunch set w/ ramen and fried rice. The fried rice is so incredibly good!

          JR Seafood on Santa Monica
          - when I'm too lazy to cook dinner, I usually get take-out from here. Westlake beef soup, ma po tofu, and sauteed fish fillet with gai lan.

          Sokongdong Tofu
          2716 W. Olympic Bl., #104
          Los Angeles, CA 90006
          - There was about a year when I was traveling for work where every Thursday night after my bf picked me up from the airport, we would go here for dinner. I usually get the mushroom soon tofu or the dumpling soon tofu w/ the dumplings that are panfried. Yum! Mouth is actually watering now b/c haven't been in awhile.

          Have fun!


          1. Chandra Thai (Pasadena) - order delivered. Tom Yum soup (no meat, just some mushrooms) they charge me 1/2 price! I get this about 100% of the time (I TOTALLY CRAVE IT). Chicken Larb - 1.5 spicy - I get this about 85% of the time. Sometimes Pad Thai, Rad Nar, Spicy Fried Rice (very good), Sweet & Sour Pork (amazingly good), Crispy Avocado Rolls, Crab Langoon, Wontons, Spicy Mint Leaves Chicken, Kang Karee, Thai Spicy Noodle.