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Dec 8, 2009 08:02 AM

Good BBQ at or near the Dallas airport?

My husband and I will be arriving at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport around 9PM on a Sunday night and departing the next morning at 7AM. Any chance of us finding good barbecue either at the airport or somewhere accessible by public transportation between those hours?

I know that there are branches of Cousin's at the airport--are they any good, and any idea how late they may be open? Other suggestions that we could reach without a car?

Thank you!

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  1. Outside the airport, you'll be hard pressed to find much of anything during the overnight hours - certainly nothing that would be worth the price of a taxi fare. I've been told, as airport food goes, that there are some good options in Terminal D.

    1. Hmm. Not terribly far from DFW, you might try, "Main Street BBQ" in Euless. Used to be pretty good. Other opinions?

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      1. re: twinwillow

        Twin, re-read the hours that the OP will be on the ground at D/FW.

        I don't think North Main is open at all on Sun and I KNOW not during overnight hours......

        1. re: CocoaNut

          Sorry, never thought of that. Oh well, Terminal D will just have to do for them.

          1. re: twinwillow

            No question, Hard 8 BBQ in Coppell is just norh of the airport off of Freeport Parkway. I think Bass Pro Shops may be able to accomodate you if after hours.

            1. re: lovelel

              Bass Pro has unusual game and worth a taste.

              1. re: DallasDude

                Bass Pro - that would be Uncle Buck's Brewery and Steakhouse. Good idea, but they are only open until 10:00 pm, as are most of the restaurants in the area -- IF they're open at all on Sunday.

            2. re: twinwillow

              I agree that Cousin's in Terminal D should suffice. They're better than Sonny Bryan's, Rudy's or any other chain bbq.

        2. D/FW airport is off the beaten path between Dallas and Ft. Worth, and unfortunately, pickins' are slim - particularly during non-traditional eating times.

          Saying nothing for the quality of food - there are 3 places in Grapevine that come to mind if you simply want to get out of the airport/hotel, have a drink and a bite to eat. All 3 are within walking distance from each other, but definitely call to verify Sunday evening hours.

          Buffalo Wild Wings - sports bar/wings - they are open until 1am

          Bone Daddy's - sub-par bar/bbq, but bbq none the less - hours not posted but you can call. (The name speak volumes)

          Hooter's - wings/bar - hours not posted (This name speaks even louder)