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Dec 8, 2009 07:48 AM

2 New Sandwich Shops in West/Hollywood

The past month or so has seen two new higher-end (compared to Quizno's) sandwich places open up:

Soda Pop's in West Hollywood, on La Cienega, north of Beverly

All About the Bread on Melrose, west of La Brea

I've yet to try either, but curious to hear from those who have; either one or both. What's good? What's not? Compare & contrast?


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  1. ALL ABOUT THE BREAD is fantastic. Basically a rip-off of Bay Cities in they duplicated their bread and serve Boar Heads meats. My turkey sandwich was fresh and delicious. Definitely recommend it. Place was empty when I went on a Saturday afternoon. Hope they stick around!

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      Finally got over to try All About the Bread. And my experience was mostly positive. I wanted to like it more than I did, as the people where really nice, the simple basic concept is solid, and the ingredients are pretty high quality.

      Still a few things didn't gel for me.

      Most importantly I guess would be the namesake bread which I think I'd describe as a house-baked sourdough batard. It's a very decent piece of bread, just not what I'd prefer my sandwich on. Too dense and chewy for my taste. Though I can see where others will find it perfect. And it might work better on the meatball sub, which I'll go back and try. I had the godmother (or was it father?) Italian combo, and again, the ingredients themselves were fine Boar's Head quality, but they somehow didn't come together in any real satisfying way for me. So perhaps I'll move on to some of their other choices.

      Overall, I think this place is off to a good start. And lots of folks will probably love it exactly as it is. But my one big suggestion for All About the BREAD would be...give us a choice of more than just the one kind.

      1. Soda Pop's made a pretty good cold cut sandwich. They also had homemade potato chips. One of the guys there said that he would take suggestions for different flavors of chips. Really friendly staff and a good sandwich is needed in the 'hood.

        1. Soda Pop - I had the streak sandwich which was very good and I love the fact they make their own potato chips, but I wasn't too big of a fan of the flavoring. I had the bacon and cheddar (sounds incredible). It had a very powdery flavor on the chip which was fine, but I'm just not a fan. The steak sandwich (recommended by girl at counter) was good, but lacked any sort of personality. Again, good, but nothing that is telling me I need to go back.

          All About the Bread - Yeah, I can agree it's a psuedo Bay Cities, but not as amazing (huge fan of Bay Cities). I went to Bread 2 or 3 days after it opened and service was a bit slow (to be expected that close to opening). The bread was real good. The sandwich (the godfather i think) was good, but they put too much mustard on it and not enough italian dressing. I may go back for that, but I think the real deal may be in the "every day sandwiches" like tuna or turkey. The weird thing is they had a few side item salads, but not very many in a large display.

          To summarize, probably not going back to Soda Pop and will definitely check out AATB.

          1. Finally got around to trying Soda Pop's. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will definitely be going back to sample more of their menu. Not sure about the previous poster's experience with the bacon and cheddar chips, but I had the dill chips and they were great.