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Dec 8, 2009 07:24 AM

Advice on Paris Michelin starred dining requested

I am taking my wife to Paris in late January for her 30th b'day. We are foodies from New Orleans, and she loves fine dining.

I'd like to give her one night in an absolute world-class Parisian restaurant cuisine. We'll be staying in Saint Germain, but any location withing central Paris is fine. Price not an issue, and I am looing for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

I know Paris has an overwhelming selection, but what are the places that are among the very best, and will I be able to get in?


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  1. I am sure that Soup and John will chime in with more knowledgable selections, but IMHO you should have the big menu at Pierre Gagnaire. You will never forget it. François Simon, the restaurant critic for Le Figaro has just said that he had his best meal of 2009 there.

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      1. All two and three star restaurants, plus a few one stars, can offer once in a lifetime experience. The question is to find which one will work for you: the highest the level, the more different and singular the restaurants are. So really, in order for us to respond more aptly to your question, we would need to know more about the kind of things you like, your expectations, your food experience.

        Another way is to lookup restaurants by yourself and make up your mind, based on blog reports and on pictures (English blogs specialized in fine dining include Chuckeats, Refined Palate, Luxeats, Ulterior Epicure, Wandering Epicures, Life Worth Eating, Gastromondiale, Food Snob, and of course yours truly -- julotlespinceaux).

        Then you need to pay special attention to what day you want to eat, as many restaurants are closed on saturdays, on sundays, on mondays, and sometimes on other days. is your best source -- it gives prices, opening days, and of course the number of Michelin stars.

        In my opinion, the very best, for different reasons and with different caveats are Le Cinq, Pierre Gagnaire, L'Ambroisie, L'Arpège, Ledoyen, La Grande Cascade, Lasserre, Michel Rostang, Guy Savoy.

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