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Good Eats off I-95 between NJ and FL?

We are driving from NJ to Florida (and back) with our kids over Christmas Break, and wanted to make it a bit more interesting than just quick stops for fast food along the way. If you have any local favorites that are more interesting than a Denny's or McDonald's, please share them with me. I am not sure what time we will be where, so I would like to have as many options as possible. We will be following I-95 straight down the line, so any place within about 5 miles of the highway would be preferred.

FYI - My kid's are huge fans or Triple D (Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives), so places along those lines would be great. We are not looking for upscale, just good reliable neighborhood greasy spoons to add some interest to the long drive.


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  1. You should really do a search...this is a very frequently addressed question on this board. You might also want to search/post the Mid-Atlantic and Florida boards as well. One place I like that meets your criteria is Fullers BBQ in Lumberton, NC. Its right off I-95, and despite the name, isn't really a bbq joint but features a huge buffet of southern-style cooking. Plus I'm sure you'll enjoy the people watching.

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      Wilson, NC has a couple of great barbecue places -- Parker's and Bill's. (Note -- these are not the best places in NC by far, but they are close to 95. Parkers has barbecue, good fried chicken, and corn sticks that are to die for. Bill's has a buffet that features a whole hog. Do not stop at Bill's if you plan to do any more driving -- you will have eaten way too much and may fall asleep.

      In South Carolina, Sweatman's in Holly Hill is pretty close to 95.

      The Georgia Pig is near Brunswick, at the US 84 exit and just off 95.

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        Parker's has been terrible for ages, and Bill's hasn't been good since Floyd. Jack Cobb's in Farmville is good and would be another 10-15 minutes down 264, but the OP said he didn't want to detour. The only two things in Wilson that I'd recommend are El Mexicanito for tacos/tortas and the Beefmastor Inn for steak. But the Beefmastor takes several hours and isn't open for lunch either, so not really appropriate to a quick stop in off the interstate.

        Really, there's just no good barbecue near I-95 in NC. If you want to try eastern NC barbecue and don't want to detour, I would recommend the Tastee Hut in Stony Creek, VA and K&L Barbecue in Hopewell, VA over anything near 95 in North Carolina. Neither are as good as the top tier places in NC, but they're still quite good and a lot better than Parker's or Bill's.

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          You're too hard on Bill's. We hit in on a Sunday when driving back to Maryland from Florida and it turns a dreary last-day-of-vacation into a treat. I'd recommend it for honest roadfood.

          I will say that when you go inside, you can tell the once-a-year people like us from the locals who eat there twice a week. The word svelte is not commonly spoken in Wilson.

          1. re: jkosnett

            I just don't see any point to eating eastern NC barbecue that is not cooked over wood or charcoal. It's a waste of time and calories. I can't even recommend Bill's as the best thing in Wilson. El Mexicanito, Las Palmas, Beefmastor, and Flo's Kitchen are all much, much better.

            1. re: Naco

              Bill's bbq may not be the best, but the buffet is quite good. I like their fried chicken, there is a whole hog to pick from, cracklin and skin on the buffet, good and plentiful vegetables, and some excellent banana pudding. Certainly worth it for the money and they are open on some holidays like Jan.1 etc.

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                Isn't this site all about seeking out the best? I don't need any help to find mediocre food, I can do that all by my lonesome.

                1. re: Naco

                  I appreciate you insights, but obviously some people have the opinion that places you don't like are actually pretty good. Now short of calling them wrong, why beat on them? I had the buffet at Bill Ellis the other day, on someone else's treat and found it to be (again) quite good. Chicken was fresh, not old grease. The whole hog was slow cooked and extremely moist. And the buffet sides were almost all delicious. It is easy to get to off the interstate, and it is open on most days when other joints are closed.

                  I don't dispute that there are better places to eat, but it is also a lot better than other places that have been recommended on Chowhound. So for those who want information, we are providing an alternative OPINION on these restaurants so that each foodie can make up their own mind.

                  That is all...headed to the keys right NOW, where I will eat at the Key Fisheries at least 2 nights, whether anyone else likes it or not!

                  Happy New Year, I hope you all get to enjoy ALL your meals!

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                    I'm not beating up on anyone, just engaging the old critical faculties a little. Obviously some people like Bill's, Parker's et al. They remain open, after all. But I feel pretty confident in saying that, among those who really know ENC barbecue on this board and in general, there's a fairly broad consensus that they're not worth the bother.

                    In any case, my purpose in posting on here is to promote places that have more to recommend them than proximity to the interstate and being open on Sunday. I'll drive an hour to eat birria at the drop of a hat, so I expect my posts will mostly appeal to others with the same impulse.

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            agree on parker's. don't go there.

            and i like fuller's in lumberton. the best dish on the buffet, in my opinion, was the little stuffed crabshells with a deviled crab mixture.

            1. re: Naco

              Naco...I have to disagree with you on Parker's Barbecue. I have eaten there for years and it is consistantly great. Also, off 95 in the Smithfield (NC) area, is Holt's Lake Barbecue and Seafood. I have never had a bad meal there in 30 yrs (or more).

              Parker's Barbecue
              2514 US Highway 301 S, Wilson, NC 27893

              1. re: foolmeonce

                Have you ever eaten at Pete Jones, Cobb and Son, B's, etc?

        2. There is a very nice little Mexican restaurant close to the Savannah airport called Cancun. In Florence, South Carolina you might like Roger's Barbecue, 301 Drive In or Redbone Alley. Also, you might like the Smithfield Barbecue and Chicken restaurants along 95 in North Carolina.

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            I hate to sound like a broken record, but Smithfield's(along with Parker's and Bill's) are basically like the McD's of barbecue. I just can't let these pass without comment.

            1. re: Naco

              I don't think we will ever see Smithfield's in any serious Barbeque competitions. On a recent drive down to visit family I was pleased, however, to be able to get a quick and inexpensive Carolina barbeque sandwich without a big loss of time. The barbeque here in Delaware is not at all what we think of as barbeque, so for me on that long drive Smithfield's hits the spot. I always enjoy their iced tea too. I am no expert though and in no way trying to pretend to be. I do not know a thing about those other two you mentioned, by the way.

              1. re: Sensuous

                I understand why people would enjoy Smithfield and the like. But the ethos of this site is to ferret out the best of the best, and so I'm going to pipe up when people recommend gas-cooked/chain/etc. barbecue. There are better options out there. Wilson and Selma/Smithfield have a wealth of Mexican and Central American options. People seem to like Fuller's in Lumberton for southern cooking. Or just try something on a whim and report back. Any of these would be better than going to some chain that serves a copy of a copy of a copy of real barbecue.

                1. re: Naco

                  Naco, you assume that families who aren't necessarily foodies want to eat Mexican and Central American food in small southern towns. I've done this in Alabama and Mississippi and it was a disaster. I'll get my pupusas in Northern Virginia and my pollo a la brasa all around the Beltway. And I don't have any complaints with the fried chcken at Bills or Gardners (Rocky Mount), so skip the pork if you think it's dry. The people are driving from Jersey, for heaven's sake. You want them to look for some sweet little Italian place in the greater Fayetteville region? Come on.

                  1. re: jkosnett

                    1) I assume that anyone on this forum is a foodie. If not, why are you on here?

                    2) I agree it would be folly for someone from Jersey to look for good Italian food in North Carolina. Good thing I never said anything about Italian food!

                    3) El Mexicanito in Wilson does some of the best tacos I've ever had, and I've been to Mexico. Taquerias are like anything else- there are lots of bad ones, with some good/great ones sprinkled here and there. Ostensibly this site is about finding and promoting the good.

                    4) The problem with gas-cooked eastern NC barbecue is not that it's dry, and I never said anything about dryness. The problem is lack of flavor. Gas imparts no flavor to the meat, so you've essentially got roast pork in hot sauce. The fried chicken I could care less about, as there are a million other places that do better fried chicken.

                    1. re: Naco

                      Re: Mexican food in NC and other places: setting the record straight.

                      Perhaps those city folks or whomever who think that good "Mexican" food would be scarce in places like NC just don't understand what has been going on in rural and small town America for the last decade or so. Folks, you have heard all this political discussion about "illegal" immigration? Well, however you feel about that, where there's smoke there's fire. There are huge numbers of fine folks in these rural areas who have recently come here from Mexico and Central America, and have brought their cuisine with them, and I'm talking about true "authentic" cuisine, not Chi Chi's. It can be found, and it can be excellent, and if a chowhound like Naco, from NC or someplace like that, tells you about a good little Mexican place out in the "boonies" somewhere, it's worth listening to. There's lots of really great, really authentic, such food to be had in the Southeast these days. I don't know where jkosnet ate Mexican food in Alabama and Mississippi (I hope not Taco Bell), but I'll bet there was better around nearby if only he had had someone to steer him to it. (BTW, I was a long time resident of the DC area, like jkosnet, and fully appreciate the good things available there).

                      Mexican and Central American food, today, can be considered nearly "indigenous" in the Southeast US, and there are plenty of good places around to get it, where 90% of the clients are the real thing, and those places are worth seeking out and should be of interest to anyone interested in eating well.

                      1. re: johnb

                        In fact, North Carolina is probably ahead of a lot of other areas in the Southeast because of the amount of agricultural and construction work we have here. There is just a ton of good, real Mexican food available in NC these days. Honestly, I think it's easier to get outstanding authentic Mexican food in the Raleigh/Durham area than it is in Houston and the surrounding area. Shocking but true.

                        1. re: johnb

                          Yeah, the reason I started posting on here to begin with is that I knew there were tons of taquerias in eastern NC, but there was virtually no information about them online. There was a bit of discussion on CH about places in the Triangle. So I decided to write about a few I knew and try a lot more and write about them. It's made those drives out into the country a lot more fun.

                        2. re: Naco

                          I will say that my dear husband and I do certainly have "foodie" tendencies. Our children are learning our ways (It is a parent's responsibility to teach their children well), and while our youngest child is still in the pizza, chicken nuggets and and plain pasta stage, ultimately, frequent exposure to broader options in the culinary arena will help foster a greater love for a variety of foods.

                        3. re: jkosnett

                          "...sweet little italian place in Fayetteville"...seriously, what are you talking about?

                          I'm not sure why you are attacking the idea of eating at a taqueria....I'm sure the OP is quite capable of deciding whether this is something they wish to do. Naco was simply offering it as authentic, chow-worthy option to crappy chain food.

                          If you like the fried chicken at Bill's or Gardner's, why not simply post a thread to that effect letting the OP (and others who may find this post) know your opinion. No need to attack others posting their opinion.

                      2. re: Sensuous

                        Smithfield's is just fine for fast food. I'd trade a few superfluous Wendy's and Popeye's for it up north.

                  2. In Darien Ga, just north north of Brunswick, there is a place called B&J Steaks and Seafood right on the main drag, not far off I-95, that has excellent fried shrimp and other excellent seafoods. Very modest decor--DDD material. They have a buffet but also a menu.

                    901 North Way 17
                    Darien, Ga

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                    1. re: johnb

                      I agree on B&J's best deal on good fresh local shrimp in Ga.

                      1. re: johnb

                        Right at Brunswick exit, 200 yards east on north side of road is GA Pig, always was my go to BBQ on the drive. Was sold a few years back, do not know if still stellar, but would try.

                        1. re: Delucacheesemonger

                          i wouldn't waste a minute on georgia pig! there is a whole thread on bbq in this area -- much of it not too far off 95. georgia pig was such a huge disappointment, from blah dry pulled pork to terrible smoked sausage, and unremarkable sides. it was an embarrassment to the term bbq.

                          this is a thread permalink that i saved as a bookmark for the next time i drove that way. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/6319...


                          1. re: alkapal

                            Sorry it dropped so badly. My kids still think their BBQ sauce is the best they ever had.

                            1. re: Delucacheesemonger

                              yes, i was sorry that i didn't have all the other bbq recommendations in my car! ;-),

                      2. In Smithfield, North Carolina 1 mile north of I95 exit 90 on US301 you'll find Holt Lake Restaurant. Probably 99% local family customers. Really good fried chicken, fish, shrimp, etc. Lots of good sides. Passable (to me) Barbecue. Inexpensive. Nice people.

                        1. did anyone mention dixie bones bbq south of d.c.? -- it's really near 95 in woodbridge, virginia. usually very, very busy at peak lunch -- but people wait. pretty decent chopped pork bbq, and good home-made sides. nice pies. buffet on sunday (which i haven't gotten to, yet).

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                            Heck, while we're on the subject of spots just south of DC, there's a Wegmans in Dale City right off I-95 that has all the usual sit down/take out food including sushi, pizza, wokery, etc. WiFi too. You probably couldn't find a better place for a quick stop with good food in the vicinity. And a chance to pick up some snacks for the long road ahead--maybe some crusty bread! Not exactly DDD material, but the kids would get a kick out of it unless they go to Wegmans all the time at home in NJ.


                            Actually, didn't some FN show once do a segment on Wegmans?

                            1. re: johnb

                              There's also a Wegman's in Fredericksburg VA just off I-95 as well--I believe it's the farthest south Wegman's goes.

                          2. Must. Not. Join. NC. Barbecue. Debate.

                            OK, got that out of the way.

                            One place you have got to try is the Blue Boy Sandwich Shop in Jacksonville FL. This is a local chain with a few locations, but the one for you is at the Norwood exit north of downtown. The Blue Boy is literally a quarter-mile off I-95. Your kids will thank you. It's a classic Triple D joint.

                            There are a few mentions of Blue Boy on the Florida board. A knowledgeable Jax hound named mezzrow is a huge fan.

                            NB: It's closed on Sundays.


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                            1. re: Bob W

                              I am truly appreciative of the suggestions people have made. I am intrigued by the possible taqueria idea. Aside from the one mentioned - El Mexicanito - are there others that people would suggest? Options besides BBQ are always welcome, though I agree that a sweet Italian place is probably not the place we are looking for. We welcome all suggestions.

                              As for the Wegmans, we are in the parts of Jersey that Wegmans has not reached yet, (though we do have Fairway), so even that might be an adventure to consider.

                              Keep the suggestions coming my way!
                              Thanks in advance.

                              1. re: jerseydiner

                                I'm not too well versed on anything south of Wilson along 95, and of the ones in Wilson, El Mexicanito is definitely the pick of the litter. I have seen a lot of taquerias in Lumberton, but never had the opportunity to stop and try one. I will say that I have two toddlers, and I always find that taquerias and authentic Mexican restaurants are really friendly environments for small children.

                                Did I mention Flo's Kitchen in Wilson? It's a little drive-in that's open until around 1pm or so and does really great breakfast biscuits. They cook a mean pork chop, too.

                                1. re: Naco

                                  I loved Flo's Kitchen when I went last year. Great biscuits, as you say.

                            2. I like a great place in the tiny town of Rowland. Take the NC 1 exit (not in the direction of South of the Border). Go tto the car wash and take a left. It's called the Pink House. Don't expect immediate service. Just be nice.

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                              1. re: Sue in Mt P

                                The Pink House has closed. I think it's a internet cafe/Sweepstakes place now.

                                1. re: Barbarainnc

                                  I know. I was really sad when that happened. Their fried chicken rocked.

                              2. With a brief detour around 695 West when you get to Baltimore (and you can save yourself a toll and some traffic, too, by continuing around 695 West till you hit I95 S again, thereby skipping the Harbor Tunnel), you can hit the Bel Loc diner that has great milkshakes and serves breakfast all day and will make you pretty much whatever you want and serves big portions at a reasonable price. They have these cool mini-jukeboxes at each table too and a kind of retro feel and are VERY kid-friendly. If you choose to stop there, follow the first 695 W exit you see, right after the White Marsh exit from 95, go down a few miles to the Loch Raven Blvd exit (there is only south) and the diner will be on the left at the first traffic light (which is Joppa Rd). When you're done, just go the block back north to 695 W and continue around to the 95 S exit if you want to skip the toll and tunnel or take 695 E back to 95 S.

                                1. Hi i know this is a couple of years old but I'm curious to know how many different "good" spots did you find off of I-95 on your trip to Florida? We r planning the same trip this summer but from Florida to New Jersey and back.

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                                  1. re: Maximum31

                                    We ate this past Sunday at Bill Ellis in Wilson. Its not he Pit in Raleigh or B's BBQ in greenville. Not even Clyde Coopers ot Old ime BBQ but for a family gathering it was fine. The Fried Chicken I agree was very good, and the sides were good and the BBQ was better than Smithfields. I will eat Smithfields if on the road and its an only choice with Wendys or McDonalds. Very are some great Mexican places all over NC especially eastermn NC. There was a great hotdog place in Wilson but can't remember the name. I am heading to DC this weekend and looking for some good choices around I 95 in Richmond, not really BBQ as I get enough at home.

                                    1. re: Maximum31

                                      Here's a few places to stop and rest on your way to NJ from FL on I 95. When you get to Jacksonville, FL on I 95 get off at Exit 353 C on W Union St. and go about 8 blocks to Pearl and take a left to Jenkin's Quality BBQ which is home owned by the Jenkins' Family for over 50 years. Get off I 95 at Exit 373 and go W to Callahan's BBQ.

                                      Jenkin's Quality BBQ @ 830 North Pearl Street, Jacksonville, FL 904 - 353 - 6388.


                                      Callahan's BBQ @ 45007 State Rd 200, Callahan, FL 904 - 879 - 4675.

                                      Get off I 95 at Exit 1 and go W on St. Mary's which turns into Scrubby Bluff Rd. and go to Jack's BBQ. Or you can get off I 95 at Exit 3 at Kingsland, GA and cross E King Ave. to Boone Ave. which is the next street then take a left to Blue's BBQ at the Chevron Market for good BBQ.

                                      Jack's BBQ @ 1359 Scrubby Bluff Rd., Kingsland, GA 912 - 729 - 1500.

                                      Blue's BBQ @ 1330 Boone Ave. Extension E, Kingsland, GA 912 - 576 - 8682.

                                      Get off I 95 at Exit 29 and go W on Highway 82 about a mile to Gary Lee's Market for good road food.

                                      Gary Lee's Market @ 3636 U. S. Hwy. 82, Brunswick, GA. 912 - 265 - 1925.

                                      Get off I 95 at Exit 49 to the right at Darien, GA and go NW on Highway 251 less than a mile to Smokey Joe's BBQ. It is between two hotels on the left and has excellent pulled pork.

                                      If you want the best fresh seafood on your trip get off I 95 at Exit 49 in Darien, GA to the right and go E on Highway 251 to Highway 17. Take a right on Highway 17 and go S for 1.2 miles. Turn right on Broad St. just before crossing the bridge. Go one block and take your first left on Screven St. and have some outstanding fresh seafood at Skipper's Fish Camp. [size=3 font="times new roman"].

                                      Smokey Joe's BBQ @ State Hwy. 251, Darien, GA. 912 - 437 - 2555.

                                      Skipper's Fish Camp @ 85 Screven St., Darien, GA 912 - 437 - 3474.


                                      Get off I 95 at Exit 58 at Townsend, GA to the right on Highway 99 and go less than a mile to Highway 17. Turn left and go N about 2 miles to Pine Harbor Rd. Take a right and go E about 2 miles to Sepelo Station Crossing and fantastic fresh local seafood and hand cut steaks.

                                      Sapelo Station Crossing @ 1172 Pine Harbor Marina Road, Townsend, GA 912 - 832 - 3555.

                                      Get off I 95 at Exit 67 at Townsend, GA to the right and go S on Highway 17 for 1.2 miles then take a left going E onto Harris Neck Road just past a small church. Go 5.7 miles E to the Jessie Grant Road and look for the purple OSD sign on your left. Turn to the right at the sign for about 100 feet to Old School Diner for the best fresh seafood around. OSD is open for dinner Wednesday/Saturday and Noon to 10 PM on Sunday. They are closed on Monday and Tuesday. This might be the best road food you will have on your trip.

                                      Old School Diner @ 1080 Jesse Grant Road, Townsend, GA 912 - 832 - 2136.


                                      Get off I 95 at Exit 76 at Midway, GA and go E on Highway 38 to Sunbury Rd. Take a left and go to Brigantine Dunmore Rd. Take a left and go to Sunbury Crab Co. which is open for dinner serving outstanding fresh seafood. This might be the best place you stop for the seafood is outstanding.

                                      Sunbury Crab Co. @ 539 Brigantine Dunmore Road Midway, GA 912 - 884 - 8640.


                                      Get off I 95 at Exit 87 at Richmond Hill, GA and go W on Highway 17 half a mile to Smoking Pig BBQ next to the BP Station on N side of Highway 17. The ribs and chicken are excellent. This is probably your best stop for BBQ in GA.

                                      Smokin Pig BBQ @ 3986 U.S. 17, Richmond Hill, GA. 912 - 756 - 7850.

                                      Get off I 95 at Exit 102 at Pooler. GA and go W on Highway 80 4/5 blocks to Don's Famous BBQ.

                                      Don's Famous BBQ @ 217 US Highway 80 E., Pooler, GA 912 - 748 - 8400.

                                      Get off I 95 at Exit 5 at Hardeville, SC and go S on Highway 17 which is Speedway Boulevard. Go 5.5 miles and take a left on Highway 170A which is S 27 34 and go 3.5 miles to Oakatie Highway. Take a right and go to The Pink Pig.

                                      The Pink Pig @ 3508 South Okatie Highway, Hardeeville, SC 843 - 784 - 3635.


                                      Get off I95 at Exit 21 at Ridgeland, SC and go E on Grahamville Road to State Road S/27/13 and take a right. Take your next left and go to The Old House Smokehouse on Highway 336 or Old House Road for good steaks and seafood. Get off I 95 at Exit 21 at Ridgeland, SC and have great pulled or chopped port at BBQ Grill. They also have BBQ ribs and chicken. I think it's better than Dukes.

                                      Old House Smokehouse @ Hwy. 462 @ hwy.336, Ridgeland, SC 843 - 258 - 4444.

                                      BBQ Grill @ 8084 East Main St., Ridgeland, SC 843 - 645 - 4414.

                                      Duke's BBQ @ 690 South Jacob Smart Blvd., Ridgeland, SC 843 - 726 - 6244.

                                      Get off I 95 at Exit 33 to the right at Yemassee, SC on Highway 17 and go E one mile then turn left on Highway 17 Alternate or Highway 21 for 4 miles. Look for Harold's Country Club on the left for outstanding burgers on Wednesday, potluck on Thursday and steaks on Saturday. Be sure and call ahead to place your order for good road food.

                                      Harold's Country Club @ 97 U.S. 17 Yemassee, SC 843 - 589 - 4360.


                                      Get off I 95 at Exit 38 at Yemassee, SC and go SE on Highway 68 to Castle Hall Road to Ray's Rib King for good BBQ.

                                      Ray's Rib King @ 4 Castle Hall Road, Yemassee, SC 843 - 589 - 2919.

                                      Get off I 95 at Exit 57 at Walterboro, SC for good BBQ @ Duke's. Low Country is good but Duke's is best.

                                      Duke's BBQ @ 949 Robertson Blvd., Walterboro, SC 843 - 549 - 1446.

                                      Low Country BBQ @ 635 South Jefferies Blvd., Walterboro, SC 843 - 549 - 8355.

                                      Get off I 95 at Exit 98 at Santee, SC and go W on Highway 6 to the 1st street on your left which is Britain. Turn left and go to Maurice's for good BBQ. Get off I 95 at Exit 98 and go W on Highway 6. Take a right on State Park Road and go to Lonestar BBQ for good southern food. Clark's Inn and Restaurant is a very fine place to spend the night and have breakfast, lunch or dinner.

                                      Maurice's Gourmet BBQ @ 263 Britain St, Santee, SC 803 - 854 - 3889.


                                      Lonestar BBQ @ 2212 State Park Rd., Santee, SC. 803 - 854 - 2000


                                      Clark's Inn and Restaurant @ 114 Bradford Boulevard, Santee, SC 803 - 854 - 2101.


                                      Get off I 95 in Summerton, SC at Exit # 108 and go N less than a mile to Church St. and good country cooking at Summerton Diner.

                                      Summerton Diner @ 32 Church St., Summerton, SC 803 - 485 - 6835.

                                      Get off I 95 at Exit 119 at Manning, SC and go E on Highway 261 to N Brooks Street. Take a left and go to McCabe's for good BBQ.

                                      McCabe's Bar B Que @ 480 N. Brooks St., Manning, SC. 803 - 435 - 2833.

                                      Get off I 95 at Exit 119 at Manning, SC and go E to Scott's for outstanding BBQ.

                                      Scott's Variety Store and BBQ @ SC Hwy. 261, Hemingway, SC. 843 - 558 - 3629.


                                      Get off I 95 at Exit 160 A going S at Florence, SC and go E on # 20 less than a mile to Red Bone Alley in Florence Mall Shopping Center on Palmetto St. for a RBA Black and Bleu Burger or a Bubba Burger. Or go to Apple Annie's for good road food.

                                      Redbone Alley @ 1903 West Palmetto St., Florence, SC 843 - 673 - 0035.


                                      Apple Annie's Deli and Pub @ 1720 W Palmetto Street, Florence, SC 843 - 669 - 6247.

                                      Get off I 95 at Exit 181A and go one mile to Highway 917. Take a left and go about 3 miles to Abingdon Manor Inn and Restaurant at Latta, SC. Spend the night in a soft bed in a grand old inn and have a fantastic dinner.

                                      Abingdon Manor Inn and Restaurant @ 307 Church Street, Latta, SC 843 - 752 - 5090.


                                      Get off I 95 at Exit 20 in Lumberton, NC to the right then turn NW on Highway 201 which is N Roberts Ave. and go about half a mile to Fuller's BBQ for good road food.

                                      Fuller's Old Fashion BBQ @ 3201 N Roberts Ave., Lumberton, NC. 910 - 738 - 8694.


                                      If you don't mind driving 30 miles out of the way for the best burger's in NC get off I 95 at Exit 20 at Lumberton, NC and go SE on Highway 211 about 2 miles to Highway 41 which is E Elizabethtown Rd. Take a left and go 25 miles E on Highway 41 and turn left when you get to Elizabethtown on Highway 41 which is Broad St. and you will see Melvin's on the right If you would rather have a nice southern lunch or dinner stop before Melvin's at Front Porch Cafe for a real southern treat. Help yourself to the fried chicken at the buffet and some great desert then head W on Broad St. which is Highway 41 and go 4 miles W on Highway 41 to Highway 87 and take a right. Head N on Highway 87 15 miles to Highway 20 and take a left there. Go W 10 miles on Highway 20 and you will come to St. Paul, NC where you can resume your trip N on I 95.

                                      Melvin's Hamburger's @ 133 West Broad Street, Elizabethtown, NC 910 - 862 - 2763.

                                      Front Porch Restaurant @ 1100 West Broad St., Elizabethtown, NC 910 - 862 - 3330.


                                      Heading N on I 95 at Exit 56 try Fuller's Old Fashioned BBQ at Fayetteville, NC. They sell a good burger and also a buffet lunch with fried chicken.

                                      Fuller's Old Fashioned BBQ @ 113 N. Eastern Blvd., Fayetteville, NC. 910 - 484 - 5109.


                                      At Exit 73 in Dunn, NC get off I 95 going W on Cumberland go about a mile take a right on General Lee and next left on Broad for some fine fried chicken at Kim's. Don't let the name bother you. They sell a BBQ sandwich but 99% country food.

                                      Kim's BBQ House @ 900 W. Broad St., Dunn, NC. 910 - 892 - 7750.

                                      For outstanding BBQ and country fried chicken get off I 95 at Exit 79 at Benson, NC and go W on E Main Street to N Fayetteville Street which is the first street to your right. Take a right and go N to E Church Street. Take a right and go to N Honeycutt Street. White Swan will be on your left.

                                      White Swan BBQ and Fried Chicken @ 105 N Honeycutt St, Benson, NC 919 - 894 - 4446.


                                      Get off I 95 at Exit 90 just S of Smithfield, NC to your right and turn back N on Highway 301 and go to White Swan BBQ just up the road for good BBQ.

                                      White Swan BBQ @ 3198 South Brightleaf Blvd., Smithfield, NC 919 - 934 - 8913.


                                      Take Exit # 138 going S on I 95 at Nashville, NC and go W on # 64 about 6 miles to Exit # 458. Turn back E on Western Ave. less than a mile for some outstanding BBQ at Doug Saul's.

                                      Doug Saul's BBQ @ 813 Western Ave., Nashville, NC 252 - 459 - 4247.

                                      When you reach VA on I 95 at Exit 31 try Stony Creek Tastee Hut for good fried chicken or BBQ.

                                      Take Exit 138 off I 95 at Rocky Mt., NC and go E on I 64 for 1 1/2 miles to Exit 466 and go S on N Winstead Ave. to Sunset Ave. Take a right and go to Gardner's BBQ. Gardner's has 3 locations in Rocky Mt., NC but this one on Sunset is the most convenient to I 95. You will pass a Hampton Inn on your right when you exit I 64 if you are planning to spend the night in Rocky Mt., NC.

                                      Hampton Inn @ 530 North Winstead Avenue, Rocky Mount, NC 252 - 937 - 6333.


                                      Gardner's Barbecue @ 3651 Sunset Avenue, Rocky Mount, NC 252 - 443 - 3996.


                                      1. re: Littleman

                                        HOLY (HICKORY) SMOKE! there's my travel guide. except i'd never be able to arrive at my ultimate destination! i'd be gaining weight tooling around and eating.

                                        1. re: Littleman

                                          Littleman you have outdone yourself as usual. However one small disagreement. In Darien Ga B&J's Seafood, true hole in the wall, is a better choice than Skippers. I've tried them both. Skipper has better atmosphere/decor, but B&J has the best food. IIRC It's about a mile or two further North on the left.

                                          1. re: johnb

                                            I agree that B&J's is the best choice for shrimp in the area. Great quality & price cannot be beat

                                            1. re: Littleman

                                              I would stay away from Gardner's. I found everything there disappointing -- the barbecue, the chicken, the sides. The places in Wilson -- Parker's and Bill's -- are much better. Far better fried chicken and sides. None of the places has wood-cooked barbecue, admittedly, but the Wilson places have well seasoned slow-cooked pork vs the kinda mushy stuff at Gardner's.

                                          2. Fuller's off of I-95 in Lumberton is the best of Southern Cooking. Make sure to get a piece of the thin layer chocolate cake. Thin layers of yellow cake with a fudgy chocolate frosting. Some places make 7 layers, or 11 or 17 layers. The food at Fuller is so good, also enjoy the thin fried cornbread. :) :) :)