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Dec 8, 2009 07:00 AM

Tasting Menus - Canoe, C5, or George

I've done the tasting menu at George a few times; I have to take someone out tonight, and was wondering if Canoe or C5's tasting is worth it.

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  1. Canoe all the way, absolutely. I've never been to C5 though.

    1. I had a tasting menu at c5 a couple of years ago, courtesy of some very generous family members. I don't remember much, but I do remember that the food and service were both impeccable. Perfect, really. I don't remember many restaurants leaving such a high overall impression two years after the fact.

      1. George's is a bit of lunchbag letdown. You'll be better off at Canoe. Especially if you want to impress a friend as the service is typically excellent (although a little sterile - can't have everything, however...).

        1. I've had all 3 (but not too often).
          Canoe's (within the past year) was expensive but excellent. If someone else is paying - that's where I'd go!
          George used to be impressive - but my last time (a little over a year ago) showed signs of stress - but that was on a busy night. But also very expensive - and I think Canoe was better.
          C5 was a disaster (for me). But also a year ago (a few months after they opened). The food was uncordinated - the progression made no sense and the service was worse than the food.
          Haven't been back - so I'd say the higher risk was here.
          But 2 years ago I would have picked George - so hope that shows you where Canoe sits.
          A further hint - avoid the cheese plate at Canoe (it was an optional extra) - ridiculously expensive for what you get.

          1. On a good night, George's chef Loseto's cuisine can easily outshines Canoe's or C5. On a busy weekend, kitchen of all 3 can falter. Guess its all to do with 'luck'!!