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Dec 8, 2009 06:01 AM

Looking for steak delivery suggestions. [To Toronto]

I would like to gift some steak (via delivery) for Christmas and have been searching online and the only company I found was A Perfect Steak. Has anyone used this company?

Can you suggest other companies that delivery to the GTA?

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  1. Not sure if they ship to Canada, don't know why they wouldn't - but you might check Omaha Steaks in Nebraska. Quality beef, very tender and flavorful.

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      I checked their site, and they do deliver to Canada.

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        I'll disagree about the Omaha Steaks. Here is a prior thread on the topic

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          All I know is what the OP asked - Omaha is offered as an alternative.

          I haven't read the thread you've posted; respectfully, don't need to or plan to. However, I've eaten and served Omaha steaks, as well given them as gifts. I have never had anyone complain.

          Other than excessive price (which is a standard complaint of mine on most all mail-order food providers), I'll stand by my statement on quality and flavor.

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            I'm just letting the OP know that there are many people who don't have the same opinion on Omaha Steak as you have. That's what this site is all about. If you like Omaha Steaks, more power to you.

      2. I have used "The Perfect Steak" a couple of times. We have only got the New York Strips. The steak were well marbled. For that price (about $15 for each 10-oz before delivery), the steak was quite good, I would say slightly better to the quality of the New York Strips from Bruno's at the same price point. I don't buy steaks from Loblaws, Metro, etc. So I don't know how they compare. The quality is definitely inferior to Oliffe or Cumbrae but this is much cheaper. I don't remember how much the delivery charge was so it's hard to comment on that.

        The steaks were vacummed sealed individually and frozen. The package was properly sealed up in a styrofoam container. In short, I would buy from them again if I have to send steak to someone and I can't manage to do that personally.

        I have actuallly bought steak from Oliffe and Cumbrae, and given them to people as presents. A bit more planning and coordination involved but well worth it as well.

        1. Go to Cumbrae and get some GRASS FED ALBERTA BEEF. Do not order from the US; you're getting toxic, environmentally rape-alicious corn-fed beef.

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            Actually, we do have several purveyors of grass fed beef in the U.S.



            Edit - a friend of mine orders grass fed beef from this place:


            She used to use
            I didn't check to see if they ship to Canada.

          2. Stock Yards supplied the beef to the 801 Steakhouse in Des Moines, IA where I had the best steak in my life so far. They supply venerable steakhouses like Lawry's, Gibsons, Chicago Chop House and Pete Miller's to name a few.

            They ship to Canada.

            1. Given that it's already Dec 9, I am not sure if there are any Customs hold up if you buy from the U.S. I would imagine that Customs would be pretty busy now with all the gifts coming from every where. I would imagine that meat is something gets flagged by Customs.